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RCA Trailblazers Business Meeting, Feb. 26, 2023



Donna and Robin


Nikki and Stu

Shawna and Günter

Agnes and Dave

Robin and Don

Cherie and Ellie

Keith and Cara

Kapiko and David

Chana and Bruce


Meeting called to order at 20:38 CET

Serenity prayer

Request for unanimous consent to set meeting length at 30 minutes


Review and approval of minutes from the last business meeting

Motion to approve: Robin

Second: David

Motion carries


Treasurer report

Keith irw Cara presents the report:

Feb 2023: Jan 29th – Feb 25th

Previous Balance : $488.08

Fees: $ – 3.90 

Total Expenses : $ – 9.64

7th Tradition: $ 45.00

Closing Balance: $ 546.52


Motion to approve: Stu

Second: Don

Motion carries


Ranking of Proposals to be discussed at RCA Convention business meeting – David and Kapiko

The convention is coming up and the Structure committee requires that each group rank the importance of the 8 ballot proposals. Proposals must be returned by March 15th.

Proposal : One submission per individual is allowed. Deadline for submissions is 1 hour after the next business meeting on March 5th so that all participants have ample time to read the expanations. Submissions should be sent to  Submissions will be ranked first by mode then by mean average.

Link to Ranking Explanation: Ranking Explanation

Link to Ranking Form: Ranking Form

Second: Shawna 


The 13 page explanation for each proposal will be resent since some people did not receive it – Jared

Shawna and Günter will create the spreadsheet and submit it to RCA-WSO.


Motion to extend the meeting by 10 minutes: Don

Second: Günter

Motion Carries


Unfinished business (tabled from last business meeting): Group accounts and Assets Security Policy

Don created a proposal describing the motion. Discussion of the proposal is tabled until the next business meeting. 
This document can be found at: Link

Second: Dave

Motion carries


Motion to adjourn the meeting:  Stu

Second: Dave

Motion carries


Meeting Adjourned at 21:18 CET        

Serenity Prayer