RCA Trailblazers Business Meeting Minutes

Meeting Date: 05/31/20 – Sunday

Minutes by:  David irw Kapiko


    Gretchen and Jason

    David and Kapiko

    Quin and Lance

    Hans and Esma

    Cate and Paul

    Hank and Evelyn

    Ken and Anabel


Meeting called to order by Co-Secretary Couple Gretchen and Jason at 11:32 p.m.

Serenity Prayer

Motion to Determine Duration of Meeting

               Motion to set meeting length at 30 minutes – Gretchen

               Passed by unanimous consent

April 2020 Minutes Reviewed and Approved

               Motion to Approve – Gretchen

               Second – Cate


Treasurer’s Report

David and Kapiko presented the report prepared by the Treasurer Couple, Theo and Bea, who were unable to attend.

               Beginning Balance (April 26, 2020) = $724.18


                              7th Tradition = $245.00


                              Payment fees = ($15.90)

                              Welcome packets = ($21.60)

                              Donation to RCA WSO = ($381.68)

               Ending balance (May 30, 2020) = $550.00

Motion to approve – Cate

Second – David


Unfinished Business  (Tabled from Last Business Meeting)

Renewal of web hosting contract

RCA Trailblazers received a renewal reminder for its web hosting bill, which is due on June 23, 2020.  Ruth previously suggested changing to the “Spark” plan from the existing “Nitro” plan to save money, resubscribe for 3 years, which would lock-in price, and calling the web-hosting office to see if we could renegotiate a further discount. 

David presented an analysis of the differences between the Spark and Nitro plans, including differences in pricing for one-year, two-year and three-year plans, based on information obtained from the provider’s website.  David pointed out the differences between the Spark and Nitro plans and related that Ruth had stated that the Spark plan would meet all of Trailblazers’ needs for less money.  David moved to 1) renew the contract with the existing provider, 2) switch to the Spark plan, 3) opt for the three-year contract and 4) request billing by the web hosting provider for payment via PayPal.  There was no second.

Quin and Lance noted that they are the webmaster couple.  They related the actual pricing for existing customers, which is different from the amounts shown in the analysis.  Pricing was discussed for one-year and three-year plans, comparing the Spark and Nitro plans. The question was raised as to whether changing from Nitro to Spark would require rebuilding the website, but it was explained that a change of plan would not require rebuilding, whereas a change of account would require rebuilding. 

Cate inquired whether we might defer further consideration to the next business meeting.  It was pointed out that the existing contract expires on June 23, 2020, and that action was needed at this meeting.  Cate suggested deferring to the service couples to decide.

David withdrew his motion.

Jason moved to renew the contract with the existing provider for one additional year with the existing Nitro plan at the invoiced price.  Kapiko seconded. There was discussion as to whether there were adequate funds on hand to pay for any of the plans and terms, allowing for other foreseeable expenses, and it was determined that there were. It was determined that the benefits of renewing for three years vs. one year are a saving of approximately $10 per month and locking in the existing price for three years.  The motion passed.

Motion to table remaining unfinished business

Gretchen moved to table the following agenda items, which previously had been tabled from the April business meeting:

  • Barton asked that we discuss removing participants from the meeting, when they do not turn on their video, after a friendly reminder.  He also suggested that be added to the script
  • Ruth suggested cutting out introductions at the beginning of the meeting to allow about 10 more minutes of sharing
  • Paul suggested adding verbiage to the script to suggest that couples who have shared recently allow others the opportunity to share, i.e., “If your coupleship has shared recently, please allow other couples the opportunity to share.”

Hans and Esma seconded.  The motion passed.

New Business



    Motion to Adjourn – Gretchen

    Second – Quin


Serenity Prayer