present were:
Old Business:Dave and Noni presented their findings re: paypal account in Canada. Instead of starting a business account, Noni can set up a paypal “pool” in order to receive money. Only treasurers (Gunter and Shawna) would be authorized to withdraw money from it. We had discussion. Since Ruth and Debbie were eager to get the money out of their account, most present felt that it was worth trying the new system right away. Noni made a motion, Brian seconded and we passed a motion to transfer the paypal funds to a Paypal “pool” account under Noni’s account in Canada. 

1) Chris (irw Emma) introduced the idea of updating the leader scripts to make it clearer for the leader couple each week about exactly what they should say and when. Gretchen said that she would be more inclined to lead the meeting if the instructions for which buttons to push (to share screen etc) were in the script. Maureen suggested a subcommittee to go over the formats and make proposed changes and then send to the group in advance so they can be voted on in the subsequent business meeting. Chris, Dave, Noni and Maureen volunteered to be on that committee and they will meet this month.
2) Shawna told us that she can no longer order newcomer packets because WSO does not ship to Europe. A temporary solution was found to provide people in Europe with NC packets. We passed a motion that Shawna will order 20 newcomer packets to be delivered to Gretchen and Jason.. Gretchen and Jason volunteered to ship the packets to Shawna in Europe and to absorb the cost (up to $80) as their 7th tradition donation. The two couples  exchanged contact info and will do this soon.