RCA Trailblazers Business Meeting Minutes

Meeting Date: 10/27/2019 – Sunday

Minutes by:  Lance icw Quin



  • Shawna and Gunter
  • Lance and Quin
  • David
  • Ruth and Lew
  • Theodor and Beatrice
  • Paul and Cate
  • Gretchen and Jason
  • Michael and Andrea
  • Yemi and Stefan


September 2019 minutes:  reviewed and approved

Treasurer’s Report:

Beginning Balance:  $851.27

End $752.22

Donations +$66.00

Payments / Fees -$4.40

Purchases – $160.65

Newcomer packet and Zoom account


Delegate Couple Reimbursement:

Stefan communicated concerns with David and Kapiko being reimbursed as our WSO delegates.

Since they didn’t have a paypal account, they were offering to be reimbursed by no longer making their 7th tradition contributions.

Quin offered to have a paypal transfer be made to a member with paypal and have a check or money order issued to David and Kapiko.


 Ruth and Lew meet with David and Kapiko face-to-face and offered to be paid and give money to David and Kapiko.  Yemi and Stefan will e-mail the payment to Ruth and Lew.

Quin and Lance offered to be a backup.


Old Business:

Officer Roles

Co Secretary couples – Gretchen & Jason and Paul & Cate

Welcome couple – David & Kapiko

Treasurer Couple – Bea & Theo

Web Couple – Lance & Quin

Contact List Couple – Shawna & Gunter


New Business  

  • Discuss having children in the meeting, even with headphones. (Tom and Sue). 

Motion failed as the originators were not present.

Discussion – no one at the business meeting has a problem with having children at the meeting with headphones.

                Lance- this may fall under the item of being mindful of who or what appears on your screen. 

                Gretchen & Jason – low issue

                David – Presenter not present to clarify.


  • Move meeting forward 30 minutes.

 For a true group conscience we announced this proposal throughout October.

Original Presenter – Elianne and Boris – not present.  

                Purpose – being able to put kids to bed.

Motion failed as the originators were not present.

                Discussion – present members were not in favor of moving meeting time forward.

                                Ruth irw Lew – will help pick up Hawaiian and Australian Couples.

                                Shawna and Gunter -Daylight savings time may create confusion.


Motion to adjourn:

By: Quin icw Lance. 2nd Gretchen and Jason

All in favor