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Around the World with International Story Shares via ZOOM (First Saturday)


RCA Daily Reader Submissions

RCA is still looking for submissions to create a Daily Reader.  Please submit your experience, strength and hope to

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RCA Retreat in Venice – March 20-22, 2020

“Half measures availed us nothing”

Location: Istituto Canossiano San Trovaso
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August 2019


  • Website hosting costs discussion.
  • Vote on when to transfer $300.00 reimbursement to our delegate couple, 
  • Provide 1 min warning when shares are almost over. 
  • Add the reflections as an optional reading on week 4 script when we read functional / dysfunctional couples. 
  • How to address and support newcomers.
  • Request to move meeting time 1/2 hour later.
  • Web Master service position: it may be time to hand over the webmaster reins?