RCA Trailblazers Business Meeting Minutes

Meeting Date: 08/25/2019 – Sunday

Minutes by:  Quin icw Lance



Shawna and Gunter

Yemi and Stefen

Lance and Quin

David and Kapiko

Ruth and Lew


Paul and Cate

Gretchen and Jason



July 2019 minutes:  reviewed and approved.

Treasurer’s Report: 

Previous Balance: $   930.99

Donations: $ 67.00

Payment / Fees: -$ 4.75

                $ 230.99 to WSO

Current Balance: $   762.25

Prudent reserve = $400.00

 Treasurer’s report approved.



Old  Business:

  • Reimbursing our WSO delegate couple – David and Kapiko
    • Treasurer, Yemi and Stefan, will reach out with them to get their account to setup the paypal transfer
  • Website hosting costs discussion.
    • Revisited minutes from July meeting – Chris feels we have a good plan for now. Does not advise transferring website.
    • Table and allow new web master to research – unanimous
  • Web Master service position: it may be time to hand over the webmaster reins (Chris irw Emma)

          Tabled – will announce availability each meeting.

  • Provide 1 min warning when shares are almost over. (Spence irw Sally)
    • Members shared that keeping track of time makes it difficult for the timer to focus on what was shared. (David irw Kapiko)
    • Difficulty with phone /timer role (Gretchen irw Jason)
    • Motion -Keep timing as it is – Shawna irw Gunter
      • Second by Ruth irw Lew
    • All in favor of keeping the same timing format of 3 minutes total.
      • In Favor: 12
      • Against: 0
      • Abstaining : 1



  • Set last 15 minutes of meeting to invite newcomers to share or for others with a burning desire. (Lyralen irw Jude)
    • Motions:
    • Susan motioned to have chair have newcomers to introduce themselves at the beginning of the meeting.
      • In favor: 13 unanimous


  • Shawna motioned to amend statement to announce in last 15 minutes for the newcomers to share
    • In favor: 13 unanimous


  • Add the reflections as an optional reading on week 4 script when we read functional / dysfunctional couples.  (Gretchen irw Jason)
    • Discussion:
      • We keep reading step 1 when newcomers may benefit from any of these readings –reflections, topics, or characteristics – Gretchen irw Jason
      • We could bring back the Topic of the month as a weekly reading – Quin icw Lance
    • Motion
    • Have chair choose to read reflection or characteristics of function or dysfunctional couples
      • In Favor: 12
      • Against: 0
      • Abstaining : 1


  • Read newcomer welcome as well as post in chat window (Quin irw Lance)
    • Discussion:
    • Quin – this section was read today and took a total of 10 seconds.
    • Motion:
    • Chair to read the newcomer welcome as well as post in chat window
      • Seconded by Shawna irw Gunter
      • In favor: 13 Unanimous  



New Business:  (To discuss)


  • Invite newcomers to stay after the meeting to chat with Welcome Couple or ask questions (Quin irw Lance)
  • Create Greeter Couple role who agrees to meet w/ newcomer couples after the meeting in event Welcome Couple is not on meeting.  This role can be asked for at start of each meeting.  [Used in UA/OA/SAA Virtual meeting formats] (Quin irw Lance)
  • Encourage newcomers to attend the 4thSunday meeting which is a Newcomer/ Anniversary meeting.  (Quin irw Lance)
  • Contact list couple position needs to be filled.
  • Discuss having children on screen – even with headphones (Tom and Sue)



Motion to adjourn: 

By: Quin icw Lance

2nd by: Shawna icw Gunter

All in favor.