Minutes by: Katy and Anatoly



Robin & Donna

Bea & Theodor

Paul & Martha

Katy & Anatoly


Meeting called to order

Serenity Prayer

Request for unanimous consent to set meeting length at 30 minutes



Request for approval of minutes from July 2021: Katy

Second : Theo

Motion carries


Treasurer report

Received from David and Noni via email is screenshared:

Opening Balance $1402.36
7th tradition           $88
Fee’s                        $(6.62)
WSO                        $ 852.36
Closing Balance    $ 631.38

Anatoly: Motion to approve the numbers in the treasurer’s report

Second: Theo

Motion carries


No other reports


Old business:


3 items:


The phone number on WSO orders

Discussion: Old treasurer couple put their phone number there. Tracking of orders will go via email, so phone number is not so relevant. Orders from Europe Shawna irw Günter who order for Europe use their

Motion: To put in treasurers position that they list their phone number in orders from WSO

Paul: second

Motion carries.


Modifying inconsistent script

There are some points like who is the reader, and who is reading what in the script.

Also, there are two versions of the script, print script is not updated (PDF on website).

Take version from screen and turn it into PDF. Only 5th Sunday is different.

Motion: Paul goes through script and sends it to Katy who updates script.

Amendment to motion by Anatoly: and to review the new scripts in next business meeting, and ask webmaster.

Motion: current webversion gets turned into a pdf and put in place where its downloadable, then Paul and everyone who wants reviews script send necessary changes to secretary couple, and script gets updates. Updated script gets approved by group and then updated on website and pdf.

Second: Anatoly

Motion carried


Are we open to polyamorous couples?

Question by fellows was shared with WSO, and their response is screenshared.

Discussion: Group wants to check if RCA Blue book says it’s for committed monogamous couples. On page 79 the book says RCA is open to all monogamous couples.

Motion: Reinstate that we follow the blue book.

Second: Bea

Motion carries.


Motion by Anatoly: To approve 15 additional minutes for the meeting:

Second by: Katy

Motion carries


New business:


To publish in the announcements that service positions are about to rotate and this will be treated in the following business meeting.


Motion by Anatoly to adjourn.

Second: Katy

Motion carries.


Serenity prayer