RCA Trailblazers Business Meeting, Nov 30, 2021

Minutes by: Agnes & Dave


Bea & Theodor

David  (no Kopiko)

Shawna & Gunther

Dave & Noni

Rebecca & Barton

Jared & Julia

Debbie & Ruth

Agnes & Dave

Don & Robin

Coreen & Daniela

Nikki & Stu

Tom & Floortje


Meeting called to order at 20:33

Serenity prayer

Request for unanimous consent to set meeting length at 30 minutes



 Review and approval of minutes from the last business meeting

Nikki observed a typo in the treasury report.  Offered a correction.

Motion to approve correction: Robin

Second: Bea

Motion Carries

Motion to approve minutes: Nikki

Second: Bea

Motion carries


Treasurer report

Dave & Noni presents the report, Oct 31/21-Nov 30/21

Trailblazers Treasurers Report

Oct 31/21-Nov 30/21


Opening Balance         $ 669.38

Fees                             $  –  8.31

7th Tradition               $ 105.00

Closing Balance          $766.07


Motion to approve: Stu

Second: Debbie & Ruth

Motion carries


Appointment of spiritual timekeeper for 1-minute comments on business items



Service Positions

Treasurer position remains unfilled.  Position description was read out by Ruth & Debbie.

No volunteers have come forward.

Dave & Noni offered to continue in this role until it is filled


Motion to announce this vacancy at each meeting until it is filled:  Nikki


Second: Don


Motion Carries


Unfinished business (tabled from last business meeting)

Proposal of creating a position of business meeting chair – Dave & Noni

After discussion in which it was observed that there are co-secretary couples to share this duty, there was no second

Motion abolished

>> New business


 Scripts:  Nikki & Stu observed that the script for download and the html script on the website have variances/discrepancies from each other.  David observed that the online version is correct and the download version had not been updated.  Secretary will prepare an updated version for download to match the script online.

Motion to extend the meeting by 15 minutes: Nikki

Second: David

Motion carries

Appointment of spiritual timekeeper for 1-minute comments on business items (Don leaves)



Contact List Organization: 

Nikki & Stu propose alphabetizing list which is now organized by order of addition to the list

Dave suggests that Contact List Couple can just do that as their prerogative

Motion to alphabetize:  Floortje

Second: Shawna

Motion Carries


Contact List Distribution:

Nikki & Stu propose sending out the contact list to membership whenever a new couple is added to the list rather than monthly.

Motion to send contact list each time a couple is added:  Floorje

Second: Shawna

Motion Carries


Business tabled for next business meeting.

Motion to extend the meeting by 5 minutes: Nikki

Second: Agnes

Motion carries

Contact List Maintenance:

Nikki & Stu proposed that the membership be contacted to opt-in to remain on the contact list, as there are several couples who have not attended a meeting for a long time.

After discussion, Ruth and Debbie suggest bringing this issue to the membership 3 times, announcing it at each meeting by adding to announcements

From David and Kopiko:

WSO Announcement re:  Special Ballot, Call for Proposals: 2022 WSO Business Meeting

Secretary will add this  to announcements to be read out at each meeting prior to the end of the month of December.


Motion to adjourn the meeting:  Tom

Second: Shawna

Motion carries


Meeting Adjourned at 21:27       


Serenity Prayer