Shawna and Gunter

Rebecca and Barton

Stu and Nikki

Agnes and Dave

Cara and Keith

Jared and Julia


Meeting called to Order at 11:40 A.M. PST

  • Serenity prayer
  • Review and approval of minutes from February 25, 2024

Motion to approve: Gunter,  Second by Dave. Motion carries unanimously.

  • Chair Reports
    • Secretary – Barton: n/a
    • Treasurer – Jared
      Activity Summary (2/25/2024 – 3/30/2024) in USD
      Beginning Available Balance 864.13
      Payments received 60.00
      Payments sent 0.00
      Withdrawals and Debits 0.00
      Deposits and Credits 0.00
      Fees -5.54
      Ending Available Balance 918.59

Motion to approve Treasurer report – Cara, Second by Nikki. Motion carries unanimously

    • Greeter – Cara and Keith: n/a
    • Contact List – Dave and Agnes: n/a
    • Web – Robin and Donna: n/a
  • Old Business


  • New Business

WSO requested a specific point of contact for our meeting (names, phone, email address), not just a generic email address.  Shawna: Dave and Agnes offered to give their names and phone number, but we will ask WSO to keep as the main contact email address so information can still get to the meeting even when secretary changes over.  They just want their database complete.

Motion: Give WSO a couple’s contact info (i.e. 2 names and 2 phone numbers) for the database, and keep the email address as Second: Stu.

Motion carries unanimously.

Stu and Nikki offered to give their contact info.

  • Motion to adjourn the meeting – Dave, Second by Stu. Motion carries unanimously.


Meeting Adjourned at 12:05 P.M. PST

Serenity Prayer