RCA Trailblazers Business Meeting Minutes

Meeting Date: 03/29/20 – Sunday

Minutes by:  Gretchen irw Jason


  • Gretchen and Jason
  • Beatrice and Theodor
  • David and Kapiko
  • Yemi and Stefan
  • Liza
  • Cate and Paul
  • Jim and Kris
  • Daniel
  • Hank
  • Quin and Lance
  • Sydney and Kate

Serenity Prayer

February 2020 Minutes Reviewed and Approved 

Motion to Approve – Quin

All in favor

Treasurer’s Report

Beginning Balance = $396.89

Ending Balance = $571.03

7th Tradition = $186.00

Payments / Fees = ($11.86)

*NEW Prudent Reserve = $550

*Theodore will be making another contribution to WSO in the amount of the balance over prudent reserve.

Old Business

Increase in Prudent Reserve

  • $179.88 – Zoom
  • $169.88 – Webhosting
  • $14.99 – domain
  • Lance made a motion to increase prudent reserve to 1.5x costs = $550
  • Cate 2nd motion
  • All in favor

Co-Secretary Service Opportunity

  • Paul and Cate have decided to step down as the Co Secretary Couple
  • Gretchen made motion to announce co-secretary commitment at the beginning of weekly meetings
  • Lance second motion
  • All in favor

Possibility of Zoom Meeting of the International Convention

  • Barton mentioned that he would like to have a Zoom meeting of the international convention
  • David suggested that Barton contact the WSO and share his idea

New Business


  • David and Kapiko volunteered
  • Jim and Kris offered to help lead meetings and step up in October
  • Motion to vote – Gretchen
  • All in Favor
  • David and Kapiko are our new Co-Secretary Couple

Sharing During Meetings

  • Jim opened the discussion on ideas to help make it easier for people to share during the meeting.
  • David suggested raising hand on “Participants”
  • Gretchen suggested raising hand physically
  • Cate suggested making shares shorter
  • Beatrice suggested breakout rooms
  • Quin suggested leader take names of those who would like to share and call on couples
  • Lance shared concern for distraction
  • Kate shared experience as a new couple to Trailblazers and suggested no change
  • Jason suggested keeping it simple
  • Motion to make no change at this time – Jason
  • All in favor

Tabled for Next Business Meeting

  • Cate suggested continuing discussion on making shares 2 minutes vs 3 minutes


  • Gretchen– Motion to Adjourn
  • All in favor