RCA Trailblazers Business Meeting Minutes

Meeting Date: 11/24/2019 – Sunday

Minutes by:  Gretchen irw Jason


  • Shawna and Gunter
  • Lance and Quin
  • David and Kapiko
  • Theodor and Beatrice
  • Paul and Cate
  • Gretchen and Jason
  • Dave and Noni
  • Tim and Nicki
  • James and Kris


Serenity Prayer


October 2019 Minutes Reviewed and Approved


Treasurer’s Report

Beginning Balance = $752.22

Ending Balance = $589.25

7th Tradition = $146.00

Payments / Fees = ($8.97)

Donation to RCA WSO = ($300)

*Treasurer’s Report Approved by group.



Old Business

Delegate Couple Reimbursement:

  • David and Kapiko – confirmed receipt of WSO delegate expense reimbursement.


New Business  

Sharing Guidelines:

  • Dave – suggested the group discuss the need to address group members’ understanding of the request to be mindful of crosstalk, appropriate dress and who and what appears on the screen
  • Gretchen and Jason – Acknowledged that they inadvertently skipped the “Sharing Guidelines” on this week’s meeting, but that request is addressed in the Sharing Guidelines
  • Group – Agreed that any group member should message the Secretary couple if he or she would like the Secretary to offer a gentle reminder to another group member for any reason. The Secretary couple will use a private message to send the reminder.  
  • Group – The Secretary couple should also message couples who are not sharing their video and remind them to keep their video on.

Welcome Packets for Members Outside of U.S.:

  • Shawna – Shawna and Gunter have welcome packets to send newcomers who live outside of U.S.
  • David – Welcome couple will notify Shawna and Gunter when a newcomer packet is needed to be sent outside of U.S.

Tabled for Vote at Next Business Meeting:

  • Lance – Web cost will increase by $1 per month. Lance will confirm date that will start and share with group.  Group will need to vote to approve.



  • Gretchen – Motion to Adjourn
  • Shawna – 2nd
  • All in favor