Minutes by:  Shawna irw Günter


Felicita and Richard

Shawna and Günter


Lance and Quin


Paul and Cate

August 2019 minutes:  reviewed and approved with one amendment (re-add to the Business the motion to move the meeting time 30minutes forward).

Treasurer’s Report: 

Previous Balance: $   762.25

Donations: $ 95.00

Payment / Fees: -$ 5.98

Current Balance: $   851.27

Prudent reserve = $400.00

The treasurer’s report was submitted post meeting so has not yet been approved.

Old Business:

  • Invite newcomers to stay after the meeting to chat with Welcome Couple or ask questions (Quin irw Lance) – Motion seconded by Kapiko. All in favour. This will be added to the Newcomer script.
  • Create Greeter Couple role who agrees to meet w/ newcomer couples after the meeting in event Welcome Couple is not on meeting.  This role can be asked for at start of each meeting.  (Quin irw Lance) – All in favour. This will be added to the script.
  • Encourage newcomers to attend the 4thSunday meeting which is a Newcomer/ Anniversary meeting.  (Quin irw Lance) Motion not seconded. Aborted.
  • Contact list couple position needs to be filled. – Shawna and Günter will hand the position over to Paul and Cate. All approved.

New Business (To discuss)

  • Discuss having children in the meeting, even with headphones. (Tom and Sue). 
  • Tabled – Move meeting forward 30 minutes. – for a true group conscience we decided to add this to the group announcements and vote on it in the October business meeting. All agreed.

Motion to adjourn:

By: Quin icw Lance. All in favour.