Minutes by: Katy & Anatoly




Dave & Noni

Anatoly & Katy

Kirsten & Michael

Tim & Nicki

Stu & Nikki

Robin & Donna


Meeting called to order

Serenity prayer

Request for unanimous consent to set meeting length at 30 minutes

Time keeper: Tim



Review and approval of minutes of March 2021 business meeting

Motion to approve with corrections brought up: Dave

Second: Anatoly

Motion carries


Treasurer report

Dave and Noni present the report for Mar 28/21 – Apr. 24/21

Opening Balance – $1328.89

7th Tradition Contributions – $81

Expenses – Fees $6.19

Newcomer PKG. $17.76

Closing Balance- $1385.94

Motion: Report approved as it was presented

Motion to approve: Katy

Second: Robin

Motion carries


Newcomer report by Nikki and Stu

11 new couples since Feb 21st, some couples request 2 packets when they live apart.

Stu is preparing an electronic newcomer packet.

Treasurer couple is responsible for sending out the newcomer packet within the US.

Welcome couple´s phone number is provided on the form to order books from the WSO website.


New business (for business meeting in May):

Renewal of the hosting of the website: price for 3 years $287.64 due on  June 23rd

Dave and Noni will forward the offer to the group. 




Motion to adjourn: Anatoly

Second: David

Motion Carries



Serenity Prayer