Minutes RCA Meeting


Meeting Date: June 27th 2021 – Sunday

Minutes by: Katy and Anatoly



Nikki and Stu

Shawna and Günter

Anatoly and Katy

David and Kapiko

Quin and Lance


Meeting called to order

Serenity Prayer


Request for unanimous consent to set meeting length at 30 minutes



Request for approval of minutes from April 2021 business meeting which were not available during May 2021 business meeting.  There was a discussion regarding the line “Welcome couple’s phone number is provided on the form to order books from the WSO website”. Correct is, that the treasurer´s phone number should be listed, and this was decided by the group.

Motion by Quinn: to approve the minutes subject to confirming the statement above and correcting if necessary.

Second : Anatoly

Motion carries


Request for approval of minutes of Mai 2021 business meeting

Katy: motion to approve the minutes as read

Second: Anatoly

Motion carries


Treasurer report

Received from David and Noni via email:

May 30/21 – June 26/21

Opening Balance $1532.34

Expenses – $7.43 (PayPal)

– $287.64 (Webhosting)

7th Tradition Contributions $116.00

Closing Balance $1353.27

Katy: Motion to approve the numbers in the treasurer’s report, reserving the discussion about the distribution of funds.

Second: Anatoly

Motion by Nikki: when treasurer couple is here next business meeting, we decide on the distribution of funds after expenses and prudent preserve are taken into account

Second : David

Motion carried


Welcome couple report:

4 or 5 newcomers since the last business meeting, but none came back.

Welcome letters and newcomers’ packets are going out regularly.

Motion by David to approve the welcome couple report

Second: Katy

Motion carries


New business:


David: Need to pick a delegate today for our meeting’s representative at the RCA Convention starting Friday July 30th

It’s important for us to send a delegate that will vote so that the convention has enough people for the quorum.  Meeting starts in the morning, and is over by 3 pm, voting is not very contentious.  Nikki asked if they can split the attendance with another couple, David insisted that one couple should stay for the whole meeting to have continuity of discussion and voting.  No other couple step forward, David proposed that him and Kapiko will be our representatives again.

Katy: Motion: Approve David and Kapiko as delegats to the RCA convention, and that this can be decided today.

Second by: Anatoly


Motion by Katy: To approve 10 additional minutes for the meeting:

Second by: Nikki

Motion carries


Old business:


How to address situations when participants have their camera off

The group discusses different ideas and options to address this issue.

Motion by Stu:  Table it until next meeting

Second: Anatoly

Motion carries by majority vote.


Motion by David to adjourn.

Second: Stu

Motion carries.


Serenity prayer