Trailblazers Business Meeting Minutes – 28/2/21


Minutes by: Katy & Anatoly



Quin & Lance

Nikki & Stu

Dave & Noni

Jared & Julia

Theodor & Beatrice

Anatoly & Katy


Barton & Rebecca


Meeting called to order

Serenity prayer

Request for unanimous consent to set meeting length at 30 minutes



Review and approval of minutes of January 2021 business meeting

Motion to approve: Stu

Second: Nikki

Motion carries


Treasurer report

January 31 2021 to February 27, 2021

Closing Balance: $1204.52

Contributions: $96.00

Fees: $7.45

Expense’s (newcomer package): $9.25

Opening Balance: $1125.22

Motion: Report approved as it was read

Motion to approve: Quin

Second: Katy

Motion carries

Nikki and Jared  abstaining


Unfinished business (tabled from last business meeting)

Quin & Lance: suggestion to have a monthly alternative daily reader writing, karaoke, game night; rotating at a specific time

Exchange of ideas about time and organization

Motion that we put it on announcements and set up a committee

Motion to approve: Quin

Second: Katy


Tabled business

Nikki: How to treat and deal with newcomers, e.g. breakout room



Motion to adjourn: David

Second: Stu

Motion Carries


Serenity Praye