Shawna & Gunther

Jared & Julia

Don & Robin

Keith & Cara




Meeting called to order at <time>

Serenity prayer

Request for unanimous consent to set meeting length at 30 minutes



Review and approval of minutes from the last business meeting

Motion to approve: Don

Second: David

Motion carries


Treasurer report

Keith irw Cara presents the report:

Trailblazers Treasurers Report


October Month to date:

Oct. 30th  – Nov. 26th


Previous Balance: $319.39

Fees: $6.32

New Comer Packets: $9.48

Total Expenses: $6.32

7th Tradition:$70.00

Closing Balance: $373.59


Oct 30th a new comer packet was purchased for $9.48 and sent to :

Andy and Brenda


Motion to approve: Don

Second: Robin

Motion carries


Appointment of spiritual timekeeper for 1-minute comments on business items




Service Positions



Motion to extend the meeting by 15 minutes: <name>

Second: <name>

Motion carries



>>Unfinished business (tabled from last business meeting)

  1. N/A


>> New business

  1. Vote in Webmaster couple: Robin & Donna

Motion to approve: Shawna

Second: Robin

Motion carries


  1. How to deal with passwords for key positions.  Shawna: Our credit card is connected to the Trailblazers account (e.g. Paypal, etc.).  Passwords haven’t been changed when they were setup by other people.  We need other people to have access to accounts in order to support each other and the meeting.

Discussion.  Keith: A solution would be to change the password and share it with one other group doing service.  Not perfect solution, but better than having more than two couples having access to personal information.  When we log in to Paypal we see a person’s name, Ruth, as the account owner.  Not sure if we change the password what will happen.  Shawna: Ruth is the one who setup the Paypal account and website.  The website is registered under her name.  They have agreed to allow us to continue to keep it under her name and address.  They also get the emails, so they are always in the loop if a payment needs to be made, etc.  Keith: There is a secondary user section in Paypal.  We could use that to enter the names of the couple currently holding the position.  I can do some research to come up with a suggestion to bring to the next meeting.  Shawna: Before we make any change, I want to talk to Ruth.  Don: I’ve been working to establish Paypal with another group.  Security is an excellent consideration for the group even though we are small.  I suggest it be established with the service roles (i.e. secretary couple and webmaster couple).  David: If Keith needs to contact Ruth, it’s Ruth and Debbie on the contact list.  They are actually the ones who had the idea to create Trailblazers.  Having a Paypal account was also an issue with tax reporting.  Ruth agreed to handle that for the group.  Security is important.  I agree there should be multiple people who have access to the passwords (e.g. Secretaires, Treasurers, Webmasters).  Part of job descriptions.  Shawna: The website was paid by Ruth.  They needed to send us an invoice which needed to be paid by Paypal.  To make it easier, Gunther entered his credit card to the account.  Robin did as well.  It is hidden in the account.  Keith: I will make a note of this in the documentation [during my research].  Robin: We would take over using our credit card now that we are Webmaster, which would take care of the web hosting.  Keith: Password could change each time the position gets changed over.  Gunter: Are you sure you can change the password if the account is not yours?  Keith: The password change confirmation email is going to the Secretary and Treasurer.  If I get stuck I can contact Ruth.  Shawna: Ruth gets the admin email.  Lance and Quinn do too, who used to be the Webmaster.  And now Robin and Donna.  Lance and Quinn will be removed now, and I will remove Gunter and myself as well.  Keith: treasurer@, admin@ and are the emails on the Paypal account profile page.  

Motion to table the issue until next business meeting once we have more information: Don

Motion to contact Ruth to discuss what we are considering: Shawna

Second: David

Motion carries


>> Business tabled for next business meeting.



Motion to adjourn the meeting:  Shawna

Second: Julia

Motion carries


Meeting Adjourned at 23.16       


Serenity Prayer