Julia (& Jared)

Shawna (& Günter)

Robin and Don

Dave (& Agnes)

David (& Kapiko)

Cara (& Keith)

Nikki & Stu


Meeting called to order at 1:35 CST

Serenity prayer

Request granted for unanimous consent to set meeting length at 30 minutes



Review and approval of minutes from the last business meeting

Minutes approved without objection.


Treasurer report from Sept. 23rd to Oct. 29th 2023


Previous Balance : $ 1,049.09

Fees: $ – 3.76

Payments: $ – 161,14

7th Tradition: $ 35,00

Closing Balance: $ 919,19


Treasurers confirmed that a donation of  $170 was intended for travel costs for the Delegate Couple.  Treasurer will transfer the donated amount plus agreed $400 via Paypal to the Delegate couple. Delegate Couple have receipts if needed.

Minutes approved without objection.


Convention Business meeting

Julia and Jared reported that they learned a lot at the business meeting and that they learned a lot about sponsorship and look forward to becoming sponsors.


Service Rotation

Secretary position: not yet filled.

Two couples needed which rotate the service monthly/weekly or as they decide.


– to reduce the Secretary duties, perhaps have another service chair the meeting and/or take the minutes.

– Web master will take over all web updates (uploading minutes and announcements – Discussed on Nov 4th.)

– to have meetings on the importance of doing service

– to have service rotation ending in November to avoid the time-change weekend.


Don will send an email to all contacts encouraging them to step up. Announcements will be made in the meeting.

An emergency business meeting is scheduled for Nov 14th to vote in new couples. All present service positions will rotate at the end of November.


Service position holders until Nov. 2024

Contact List Couple: Dave & Agnes

Welcome couple: Cara & Keith

Treasurer couple: Jared & Julia

Web couple: Robin & Donna

Secretary couples: Shawna & Günter / Julia & Jared until new couples step up.

Tabled business:

Heightened security and organization for account logins and passwords.

Service positions: vote on new job description for Secretary.


Motion to adjourn the meeting:

Motion made and seconded

Meeting  Adjourned at 2:10 CST

Serenity Prayer