Shawna and Günter

Robin and Don

Donna and Robin

Jared and Julia

Agnes and Dave

Sorrel and Martin

David and Kapiko

Keith and Cara

Meeting called to order at 1:35 CST

Serenity prayer

Request granted for unanimous consent to set meeting length at 25 minutes



Review and approval of minutes from the last business meeting

Motion to approve: David

Second: Robin



Treasurer reports for August 26th and September 23rd

Report for July 30 – Aug 26, 2023

Previous Balance : $ 782.96

Fees: $ – 6.08

7th Tradition: $ 120

Closing Balance: $ 896.88


Report for Aug 27 – Sept 23, 2023

Previous Balance : $ 896.88

Fees: $ – 7.79

7th Tradition: $ 160

Closing Balance: $ 1,049.09


Treasurers will provide an amount donated specifically for Delegate travel costs.  $50 has been identified specifically for the Delegate Couple.  There are two large amounts that need to be clarified.

Motion to approve: Shawna

Second: Robin



Website report

Website is up-to-date.


Group delegate couple

Julia and Jared replace Keith and Cara as Delegate Couple. Motion – Robin 

Second – David

Approved Unanimously


Business tabled for next business meeting.

Voting for new service positions.

Heightened security and organization for account logins and password.



Keith and Cara will reach out to those who donated larger amounts without a note to clarify if it’s for the Delegate Couple.

Announce October time change at meetings and on website.


Motion to adjourn the meeting:  Sorrel and Martin

Second: Don & Robin

Motion Carries


Meeting  Adjourned at 2:07 CST

Serenity Prayer