Meeting Date: 07/26/20 – Sunday

Minutes by:  Theodor irw Beatrice


David and Kapiko

Esma and Hans

Annette and Roger

Shawna and Günter

Lisca and William

Silvia and Joe


Stu and Nikki

Barton and Rebecca

Tim and Nicki

Theodor and Beatrice

Meeting called to order by Co-Secretary Couple David and Kapiko at 11:30 am PST

Serenity prayer

Request for unanimous consent to set meeting length at 30 minutes


June 2020 Minutes

Reviewed, approved and posted prior to business meeting – Co-Secretary Couples


Treasurer’s report

Theodor and Beatrice presented the Treasury report.

Beginning Balance (June 28, 2020) = $469.65


7th Tradition = $265.00


Payment fees = ($14.74)

Ending balance (July 25, 2020) = $719.91


Unfinished business (tabled from last business meeting)

Motion by Kapiko to dismiss motions that are made and tabled for discussion, when the couple who originally makes the motion does not attend the next Business Meeting to present their motion.

Günter offered a friendly amendment to table such a motion for one more meeting, and if the person made the motion does not show up for the meeting the motion will be dismissed. Kapiko accepted the amendment.

Second: Barton



New business

Motion to approve appointment of Theo and Bea as co-secretary couple to complete the unfinished term, ending October 31st, of Gretchen and Jason – David

Second: Nikki



Motion to allow the co-secretary couple to give the Zoom host key to another couple when neither co-secretary couple is available to host the Trailblazers meeting and another couple volunteers to host. – Shawna and Günter

Second: Hans



Motion to add the announcements page found in the script to the navigation tabs at the top of our website. – Quinn

Second: Roger



Motion to schedule a Daily Reader Jam session. (We can use the items on the RCA trailblazers website – steps, traditions, promises, etc as inspiration.) – Quinn

Second: Rebecca



Request by Shawna for permission to add an item to the agenda and take it out of order.  Granted.


Motion to authorize the purchase of 20 new welcome packets form WSO to Shawna and Günter to send to the people who do not live in America. – Shawna and Günter

Second: Stu



Motion to table remaining unfinished business to next business meeting – Roger

Second: Stu



Tabled business for Next Business Meeting

  1. Motion to schedule a fellowship zoom Karaoke day! (We can use zoom and watch2gether to sync up the sound.) – Quinn (Rationale: This would give couples a chance to get together and have some fun during these times of being socially distanced.)
  2. Motion to add to the RCA Trailblazers website, under Recovery Readings, the article from the Fall 2015 RCA WSO online publication, “Hand in Hand,” entitled “Does Your RCA Group Ever Talk About Sex,” which includes a “Healthy Sexuality Inventory.” (Document will be screen-shared at business meeting)



Motion to adjourn Barton:

Second: Kapiko



Serenity Prayer