Meeting Date: 09/27/20 – Sunday

Minutes by:  David and Kapiko


   Barton and Rebecca

   Beatrice and Theodor

   Ced and Aravin


   David and Kapiko

   Ken and Anabel


   Nikki and Stu

   Tim and Nicki

Meeting called to order by Co-Secretary Couple Theodor and Beatrice at 11:34 a.m. PDT (8:34 p.m. CET)

Serenity Prayer

Request for Unanimous Consent to Set Meeting Length at 30 Minutes


August 2020 Minutes Reviewed and Approved

           Motion to approve – David

           Second – Stu

           Minutes approved

Treasurer’s Report

            Beatrice presented the Treasurer Couple’s report:

                Beginning balance (August 30, 2020) = $809.63


                    7th Tradition = $113.00


                    Payment fees = ($6.70)

                    Welcome packets (to newcomers) = ($21.91)

                Ending balance (September 26, 2020) = $894.02

            Beatrice announced that a transfer will be made to the WSO at the end of August.

            Motion to approve – Nikki

            Second – Kapiko

            Report approved

Unfinished Business (Tabled from Last Business Meeting)


New Business

  • Vote on Proposed Change to RCA WSO Bylaws and Standing Rules for the Annual Meetings

           David related the proposal by the RCA WSO to amend its Bylaws (new paragraph 3.6.2) and Standing Rules for the Annual Meetings (new section 19.0), which, in times of public health emergency or other extraordinary circumstances, would permit the Board to hold a virtual annual convention, including the annual business meeting and the annual Board of Trustees election meeting. Reasons why the WSO Board is recommending passage of the proposal include the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and the possibility that it might require cancellation of the planned 2021 annual convention in Tucson; the need to elect board members to replace those whose terms are expiring; the need to have sufficient board members to maintain the quorum necessary to conduct business; and the need to conduct business at the annual business meeting.

            Stu moved to vote to approve the adoption of the changes to the RCA Bylaws and the Standing Rules for the Annual Meetings. Ken seconded the motion. The motion passed.

            Following the meeting, David and Kapiko electronically submitted to the RCA WSO the ballot in favor of the two proposals.

  • Invitation to Volunteer for RCA Trailblazers Service Positions

            David reiterated the announcement made by Theodor and Beatrice during the recovery meeting that the terms of the current RCA Trailblazers service positions will expire on October 31, 2020. David invited members to consider volunteering for a service position at the election which will take place at the next business meeting, on October 25, 2020.


            Motion to adjourn – Barton

            Second – David

            Meeting adjourned

Serenity Prayer