Meeting Date: 10/25/20 – Sunday

Minutes by:  David and Kapiko


   Beatrice and Theodor

   David and Kapiko


   Nikki and Stu

   Tim and Nicki

Meeting called to order by Co-Secretary Couple David and Kapiko at 12:31 pm PDT (8:31 p.m. CET)

Serenity Prayer

Request for Unanimous Consent to Set Meeting Length at 30 Minutes


September 2020 Minutes Reviewed and Approved

Motion to approve – Stu

Second – Beatrice

Minutes approved.

Treasurer’s Report

            Beatrice presented the Treasurer Couple’s report:

                Beginning balance (September 27, 2020) = $894.02


                    7th Tradition = $168.00


                    Payment fees = ($11.45)

                    Welcome packets (to newcomers) = ($33.02)

                    Web hosting = ($149.90)

                    WSO donation (7th Tradition) = ($317.65)

                Ending balance (October 24, 2020) = $550.00

            Motion to approve – Kapiko

            Second – Lance

            Report approved.

Unfinished Business (Tabled from Last Business Meeting)


New Business

      Election of Officers

            The following couples volunteered to fill the following RCA Trailblazers service positions:

                        Welcome Couple:       Stu and Nikki

                        Webmaster Couple:    Lance and Quin

                        Contact List Couple:  Tim and Nicki

                        Co-Secretary Couple:  Theodor and Beatrice

            By group conscience, it was agreed that the persons who volunteered for the service positions would be approved to serve in those positions. This was followed by a formal motion to elect them for the term ending October 31, 2021:

            Motion to elect the officers – Lance

            Second – Beatrice

            Motion passed.

            The following service positions remained unfilled at the conclusion of the business meeting:

                        Second Co-Secretary Couple and Treasurer Couple

            Prior to the business meeting, Dave and Noni stated that they could not attend; however, they stated that they are willing to accept a service position but had not yet decided on which position. They offered to check in with the Co-Secretary Couple at a time after the business meeting. David and Kapiko will contact Dave and Noni by e-mail and will relate that the positions of Co-Secretary Couple and Treasurer Couple remain open.

            By group conscience, it was agreed that the election of officers to the remaining service positions will occur in the future.


            Motion to adjourn – Theodor

            Second – Stu

            Meeting adjourned at 12:50 p.m. PDT (8:50 p.m. CET).

Serenity Prayer