Meeting Date: 06/28/20 – Sunday

Minutes by:  Gretchen irw Jason


   Gretchen and Jason


   Barton and Rebecca

   Ken and Anabel

   Hans and Esma

   Nikki and Stu

   Hank and Evelyn

   Ken and Anabel

Meeting called to order by Co-Secretary Couple Gretchen and Jason at 11:30 am PST

Serenity Prayer

Motion to Determine Duration of Meeting

  • Motion to set meeting length at 30 minutes – Gretchen
  • Second – Hans and Esma
  • Passed

May 2020 Minutes

  • Inadvertently skipped
  • Reviewed, approved and posted prior to business meeting – Co-Secretary Couples

Treasurer’s Report

  • Kapiko offered to ask the Treasurer Couple for the report and to post to the Business Meeting Minutes. After the conclusion of the business meeting, the Treasurer Couple presented the following report:

          Beginning balance (May 31, 2020) = $550.00


                    7th Tradition = $106.00


                    Payment fees = ($7.67)

                    Welcome packets = ($10.80)

                     Webhosting = ($167.88)

          Ending balance (June 27, 2020) = $469.65

New Business

  • Motion to announce Co-Secretary Service position opening at the beginning of each weekly meeting in July and vote in a new Co-Secretary Couple during the July business meeting. – Gretchen
  • Jason and Gretchen need to give up the Co-Secretary position, because Jason will be working on Sundays, starting July 10th.
  • Second – Rebecca
  • Passed

Unfinished Business  (Tabled from Last Business Meeting)

Removing Attendees Without Video from the Meeting

  • Barton asked that we discuss removing participants from the meeting, when they do not turn on their video, after a friendly reminder.  He also suggested that be added to the script.
  • Hans has read a lot on Zoom safety and supports removing attendees who do not turn their video on
  • Barton had experience with other meetings that allow their Co-Secretaries to remove or mute other attendees and others that do not, where it creates a distracting environment.
  • Motion to allow Co-Secretaries to remove attendees who do not have their video on – Barton and Rebecca
  • Amendment to give guidance to Co-Secretaries to ask the attendee to turn their video on 2 times via the chat. If the attendees still do not turn their video on, the Co-Secretary will give one verbal reminder to the group, before removing the attendee from the meeting.
  • Anabel shared her experience from a meeting that was “Zoom bombed”, where an attendee shared pornographic material and used a racial slur. The Secretary was able to protect the meeting by removing that individual. It was helpful to remind the group that the purpose of removing individuals is in the interest of the group’s privacy.
  • Gretchen asked the group to continue to trust the Co-Secretaries to follow these suggestions and make decisions that they feel would be in the best interest of the group to the best of their ability.
  • Kapiko reiterated the importance of considering those members of our group who are willing to take on service commitments as Trusted Servants.

Cutting the Introductions at the Beginning of the Meeting

  • Ruth suggested cutting out introductions at the beginning of the meeting to allow about 10 more minutes of sharing
  • No further discussion.
  • Topic dismissed

Script Edit Suggestion

  • Paul suggested adding verbiage to the script to suggest that couples who have shared recently allow others the opportunity to share, i.e., “If your coupleship has shared recently, please allow other couples the opportunity to share.”
  • No further discussion
  • Topic dismissed


Tabled for Next Business Meeting

  • Motion to dismiss motions that are made and tabled for discussion, when the couple who originally makes the motion does not attend the next Business Meeting to present their motion. – Kapiko
  • Evelyn shared similar experience from other 12 step business meetings and supports the idea to dismiss.
  • Stu suggested the item continued to be tabled, until the couple who made the motion attends a Business Meeting.
  • Motion to table for discussion at next business meeting. – Gretchen
  • Second – Kapiko
  • Passed



    Motion to Adjourn – Gretchen

    Second – Kapiko


Serenity Prayer