Meeting Date: December 27, 2020 – Sunday

Minutes by: Katy and Anatoly


Maria and Daniel

Nikki and Stu

Shawna and Günter

Theo and Beatrice

Anatoy and Katy

David and Kapiko


Meeting called to order by Co-Secretary Couple Anatoly & Katy at 11:34 am PDT (8:34 pm CET)

Serenity Prayer


Request for unanimous consent to set meeting length at 30 minutes



Request for approval of minutes of November 2020 business meeting

Minutes of 29th November are read.

Nikki points out that her proposal to add service positions before people´s names and the fact that is was tabled as the meeting run out of time, is missing in the draft of the minutes.

A motion is made to amend the minutes to include table business from the last minutes, namely include service positions before participants´ names during meetings.

Motion: Nikki

Second: Stu



Treasurers report:

David and Noni: present report of November and December (numbers included)

Problems with Paypal account access is solved.

Question of Theo and Katy: presented numbers do not add up.

Shawna: shares it depends on which dates you do the treasury, it can get mixed up, but it doesn’t mean it is not true or correct.

Noni: recognizes that dates and number weren´t reconciled and will send amendment per email. (received on December 27th with a closing balance of $840.03).

Treasurer report voting postponed to next month´s meeting.

Motion: Kapiko

Second: Anatoly



Extend meeting 10 more minutes.

Motion: Stu

Second: Anatoly



General Service Board Representative report:

David informs: this position is not actively filled.

Take it from the list.

Motion: Anatoly

Shawna informs: this position is the representative towards RCA globally and going to conventions. Up to now is was filled spontaneously.

Theo comments: also other reports according to the script haven’t been done.

David informs: there is a newer business meeting script.


Old business:

Add the date when a couple join the contact list.

Motion: Tim

Second: Anatoly



New business:

Adding service positions before names during the ZOOM meetings.

Motion: Nikki

Shawna is opposed to this motion.


Table this motion.

Motion: David

Second: Anatoly



Motion to adjourn.

Motion: Theo

Second: Anatoly


Meeting adjourned at 12:014 pm PDT (9:14 pm CET)

Serenity Prayer