Minutes by:  Lance icw Quin


  • Lance & Quin
  • David & Kapiko
  • Stefan
  • Dave & Noni
  • Dwayne & Mandy
  • Gretchen & Jason


Treasurer’s Report:  

Previous Balance: $581.79
Donations: $63
PayPal Fees: -$3.45
Current Balance: $641.34

  • Treasurer’s Report was adopted unanimously.


Old Business:

February Meeting Minutes

    • The February Meeting Minutes were adopted unanimously.


    • The treasurer couple is still having trouble transferring funds for reimbursement and donations.
      • Paypal is asking to confirm the ID on the account.
    • Quin will reach out to Ruth & Debbie for their advice on the situation.


New Business:

Delegate Couple:

    • The Outreach Committee reached out to the group to select a Delegate Couple for the Annual Business Meeting at the Annual Convention.
    • David & Kapiko volunteered to be the group’s Delegate Couple.
    • It was voted unanimously to appoint David & Kapiko as the group’s Delegate Couple.



  • It was proposed that the group invest in a virtual address for the Paypal account, to lower the audit risk to the account.
  • The topic was tabled so that pricing information could be acquired for an informed decision.


Script Change:

  • It was proposed that the leader script be changed to include examples of triggers to member’s sobriety within the section that cautions what appears on our screens.
  • The topic was tabled for time and so that the proposer could write out the proposed script change.