Meeting Date: 04/28/2019 – Sunday

Minutes by:  Quin icw Lance



Gunter and Shawna


Gretchen and Jason

Yemi and Stefen



Lance and Quin


Treasurer’s Report:

Previous Balance: $ 641.34

Donations: $ 28.00

Payment / Fees: -$ 18.41

                $15.00 of payments went to yearly website costs.

Current Balance: $ 650.93

Treasurer’s report approved.


Old Business:


  • RESOLVED – Ruth and Debbie are maintaining ownership of the Trailblazers’ PayPal account. The information has been updated to match WSO as it has been since initiation of the group.  Ruth and Debbie will address with WSO if there are any concerns.
  • RESOLVED – The treasurer couple was having trouble transferring funds for reimbursement and donations. They have since been able to successfully transfer funds.
    • Ruth and Debbie conferenced with Quin to confirm the ID on the PayPal account, which resolved the issue.


Delegate couple

  • In the past, we have supplied funds towards the travel costs of our delegate couples. We will discuss the possibility of making funds available for our current delegate couple, David and Kapiko. 
  • The topic of having a set agreement was brought up. We will ask the delegate couple to look at their travel costs, so that we can plan accordingly.  We will look at past donations and get more information to bring to our next business meeting.
  • Feb 2017, we supplied $300.00 in travel costs.


Script Change:

  • It was proposed that the leader script be changed to include examples of triggers to member’s sobriety within the section that cautions what appears on our screens.
    • Mandy icw Dwayne was not present at the business meeting to present issue.



  • It was felt that our focus is on couple’s recovery. It would divert us from our primary purpose to mention addictions that would be best addressed in other programs.
  • The experience of having to balance eating and the meeting was brought up. We are world-wide and it is important to respect self-care.
  • A member shared his personal experience of being distracted if there is too much activity on a screen, making it hard to listen to couples sharing. Having extra rules forms as a distraction.  It is better to have respect for each other and avoid too much action.
  • The script offers an opportunity to say you don’t feel safe and that you can write word safety in the meeting chat.
  • A member presented experience with chronic pain or illness, and they may need to lie down or eat during the meeting. SAA literature shows that many of us have felt burdened by the belief that we are responsible for the sexual feelings and behaviors of others. In program, we learn to be accountable for our own feelings and behaviors, and to let go of unhealthy responsibility for others.  It was suggested that if triggered, one can leave the room, put the screen focused on the couple sharing, or talk with a sponsor or another member outside of the meeting.
  • We are dealing with couples all over the world from different time zones. We’ve been respectful of not drinking or wearing inappropriate outfits.  It’s a personal relationship being formed in RCA.


A Motion was made by Jorge icw Rosanna to not change the script. It was seconded by Gretchen icw Jason.


Group voted unanimously to not change the script.


New Business:

Add functional / dysfunctional text to website

Create a business meeting script and post it on website.