Shawna irw Gunter

Dave irw Noni

Yemi irw Stefan

Quin irw Lance



Roles available – Treasurer and Co-Secretary


Voted in:

  • Treasurer – Yemi and Stefan
  • Shawna and Gunter – Co-Secretary
  • Lance and Quin – Co-Secretary


Treasurer’s Report:

We have $1,602.91 7th tradition on the Paypal account.

Current annual expenses:

  • Zoom $107.00.
  • Website:  $155.00

Prudent Reserve:

Group voted to have prudent reserve of $400

Voted to donate $800 to RCA for now.  Will discuss further donation once transition complete to bring us to our prudent reserve.


Discussed newcomer packets currently on hand are 15.

Costs $12.00 to send a welcome kit from Europe to US


Paypal Account:

We still need a solution for the Paypal account which is still on another member’s name.  Shawna & Günter will contact RCA Inc. and ask their advice. Perhaps they can open an RCA World Service Paypal account for Trailblazers under their organization.


Other groups are under the umbrella of RCA World Service and don’t take a 7th tradition.  Concerns about being self-supporting through our own contributions were discussed.

We need to get info from Maureen and Brian on footwork from having RCA do the hosting .


Could there be a private organization setup for RCATrailblazers?  Would have to get more information.

Can RCA Trailblazers be listed as an independent business?  Need more info


Transfer of Secretary Position

Shawna & Günter will contact Maureen and Brian/Rasmus & Ulla for the login data and all other data that the four of us require as Secretary couples.

Secretary couples need to obtain passwords:

Zoom  – Ulla and Rasmus

e-mail / website – Chris and Emma