Yemi irw Stefan

Quin irw Lance

Erik irw Marija

Kapiko irw David



Welcome Couple – David and Kapiko

                Will get with Shawna and Gunter for the newcomer welcome letter.

Treasurer’s Report:

                Previous Balance:  $861.40

                Received $124.00 in donations

                Paypal Fees $7.48

                Newcomer Packet qty 1: $10.66

Current Balance:  $967.26


Old Business

Paypal Account:

As of 12/30/18 – no volunteers to take over paypal.  

We still need a solution for the Paypal account which is still on another member’s name.

Still pending response from WSO regarding using their EIN for an account.


Motion to  pay towards Ruth & Debbies additional tax fees. 

Passed:  8 yes
Need to ask Ruth and Debbie about tax liability.

Motion to donate any amount over $500.00 to WSO ($467.26) until financial transition is resolved.

                Passed:  5 yes, 2 abstain, 1 no.

To help members be willing to own the paypal account, voted to get info on costs / taxes from Ruth and Debbie.  Would like to get something written up as a description to provide to whomever takes over the paypal account if WSO replies with a no.

Group to continue to announce paypal account opening during meeting announcements.  Officers will ensure this is offered during the meetings.


Zoom Account:

Effective January 6, 2019, we will switch to RCA WSO’s Zoom account number:  965 190 161.

Quin submitted request to cancel Trailblazers paid zoom account on 12/30/18. 

The old paid zoom account is paid through Feb 2019 and will remain effective through this time.

Shawna and Gunter will log into the old Zoom ID to tell any stragglers to find the meeting at the new zoom ID.