Every RCA group should be fully self-supporting, declining outside contributions.

The principle is simple–being self-supporting is a tremendous source of strength and self-respect. This Tradition places the responsibility for supporting our group on our own shoulders. We do not accept outside contributions. We do not sell our independence. We do not owe anyone favors. We do not give anyone special treatment. As a fellowship we are responsible for our own financial survival, just as a couple or an individual we are responsible for our progress in recovery.

This tradition should govern the actions of the World Service Organization and WSO office just as it includes the individual groups in Recovering Couples Anonymous. We do not solicit funds outside our fellowship. We do not use the RCA name in connection with any allied enterprise. We believe that accepting gifts or contributions carrying any obligations is unwise. Joint ventures with outside organizations or individuals always contain downside obligations. They should be rigorously avoided.

In keeping with Tradition Seven, the membership supports the World Service Organization by group contributions, by individual donations, and the sale of approved literature and other materials from WSO. Although there are no dues or fees for membership, voluntary contributions are typically collected when each meeting “practices the Seventh Tradition” and a basket is passed.

It is a tradition of RCA to not accumulate funds in excess of that needed for basic RCA functions. If excess money were accumulated, problems could arise diverting us from our primary purpose. Funds beyond normal operating expenses and a prudent reserve should be forwarded to the WSO office. WSO should always invest in the RCA fellowship.