Minutes by Shawna & Günter




Keith & Cara

Agnes & Dave

Robin & Don

Gunter & Shawna

Rivky & Yanky



Meeting called to order

Serenity prayer

Request for unanimous consent to set meeting length to 30 minutes

Time keeper: Don



Review and approval of minutes of July 2022 business meeting

Motion to approve minutes: David

Second: Dave

Motion carried


Treasurer report

Keith & Cara shared treasurer’s report as follows:

Opening balance:                    $1,054,02

7th Tradition:                               $216.00

Fees                                                -9.90

Closing balance:                     $1,260.12

Motion to approve the Treasury Report: Shawna

Dave second

Motion carried


Remarks: Shawna asks if we should send money to WSO?

It was not clear what our prudent reserve is. Shawna will research this and we can discuss next week. Shawna will also check if new Welcome Packets are needed for members outside USA.

(In the meantime: Prudent reserve is $400 as voted on in Minutes of 10.28.18. There are 9 Newcomer Packets left for members outside USA. Only one has been requested this year, are we informing newcomers? New agenda point for next month.)

Convention Report (Jared)

  • The special ballot measure was approved. This will enable the Board of Trustees, should they in between conventions fall below the required minimum of four Board couples, to appoint enough qualified couples to the Board to make up the minimum required for the Board to function. The appointed couples would serve only until the next annual Board Election.
  • There are now 8 Trustee couples serving WSO, 5 of which were voted in at the 2022 Convention in August.
  • WSO is doing financially well. They encourage couples to join the many committees also one to determine how to use 7th tradition donations to carry the message.

 Unfinished business

Tabled agenda item from July 2022: “Concern raised about alerting meeting attendees who may be dressed in a manner concerning to another attendee.” 

The couple was not present last week again to present the proposal and they were again not here.  This topic will be removed from the agenda.

New Business

Should we extend sharing time to more than 2 minutes?

A discussion was initiated in which it appeared most were content with 2 minutes. A suggestion was made to increase time per participants present.

This topic was tabled and will be voted on next week.

Motion to adjourn by Shawna at 9:00 pm CET

Second: Agnes

Motion carried


Serenity prayer