David (irw kapiko)

Shawna irw Gunter

Don and Robin

Rivky (irw Yanky)

Keith irw Cara

Barton (irw Rebecca)

Agnes irw Dave


Meeting called to order at 20:25 CET by secretary Dave (irw Agnes)

Serenity Prayer

Invocation of Safety Guidelines

Motion to set meeting length at 30 minutes

Robin (irw Don)



Review and approval of minutes from the last business meeting

Motion to approve:     Barton (irw Rebecca)

                      Second:     Don (irw Robin)           



Treasurer’s Report 26/06/2022 to 30/07/2022

26 June, 2022 to 30 July, 2022

Previous Balance:     $ 882.88

Fees:                              $     8.86

Total Expenses:        $     0.00

7th Tradition:             $ 180.00

Closing Balance:      $1054.02

The Treasury Couple noted that they missed an e-mail requesting a newcomer packet.  This should be reflected in the next month’s treasury report.

Motion to approve treasurer report

David (irw Kapiko)

Second: Barton (irw Rebecca)

Motion Carried


Welcome Couple Report

Not present

Contact List Couple Report

Not present


Appointment of spiritual timekeeper for 1-minute comments on business items
Robin (irw Don)


>> Old business <<

  1. Need for a co-secretary couple for the remainder of their term

Shawna irw Gunter volunteered to take this service position

Motion to accept Shawna irw Gunter as co-secretary couple


Second: Barton

Motion Carried

2. Concern raised about alerting meeting attendees who may be dressed in a manner concerning to another attendee.  David (irw Kapiko) reported that in previous business meetings it was decided that concerns/proposals not followed by attendance at the business meeting for two consecutive meetings by the individual(s) raising the concern/ making the proposal would be dropped from the agenda. 

This item will not carry forward as unfinished business.


>> New business <<

No new business


Motion to adjourn

            Motion:           Barton (irw Rebecca)

            Second:           Agnes (irw Dave)


            Meeting adjourned at 20:38  CET

Closing with Serenity Prayer