Shawna &Günter (secretary – business meeting chair)

Dave (& Agnes)

Stu & Nicki

David (irw Kapiko)

Don and Robin

Eleanne (irw Boris)

Rivky and Yanky

Meeting called to order at 2:34 CST

Serenity prayer

Request granted for unanimous consent to set meeting length at 30 minutes

A motion was made, seconded, and approved unanimously to extend
the length of the meeting by 15 minutes.


Review and approval of minutes from the last business meeting

Motion to approve: Robin

Second: David

Carried unanimously


Treasurer report

The treasurer couple is not present. The chair did not receive a report from the treasurer couple. The treasurer report is tabled to the next business meeting.

Other service position reports

No other service position couples gave a report.


Vote on Ballot Proposals

Consideration of ballot proposals for RCA Annual Business Meeting
Don and Robin stated that they will abstain from voting because they voted with another group. They reserved the right to participate in discussion.
Each of the eight ballot proposals was screen-shared. As each proposal was
considered, there was discussion among the members present at the time, followed by a vote as to how RCA Trailblazers would direct the group delegate couple to vote at the Annual Business Meeting (ABM).

The members present voted on each of the proposals, as follows:
Ballot proposal no. 1 Approve
Ballot proposal no. 2 Approve
Ballot proposal no. 3 Approve
Ballot proposal no. 4 Approve
Ballot proposal no. 5 Reject
Ballot proposal no. 6 Approve
Ballot proposal no. 7 Approve
Ballot proposal no. 8 Approve

Confirmation of group delegate couple
It was confirmed that Keith and Cara had been appointed as group delegate couple to the ABM at the last business meeting. Jared and Julia had been appointed as first alternate.
Dave and Agnes volunteered to serve as third alternate.

David (irw Kapiko) related that it is not necessary that the group delegate couple attend the convention in person, as the ABM will be a hybrid meeting. Dave and Agnes agreed that they will reach out to
Keith and Cara to make sure that they are aware of the pending deadline for registration as the group delegate couple and to give them the information regarding the group meeting number and
the Trailblazers group contact couple (now Shawna and Günter), so that they can complete the online delegate couple registration form.


Meeting Adjourned at 3:37 EDT   

Dave made a motion to adjourn. By mutual consent the meeting was adjourned.


Serenity Prayer