Julia & Jared

Cara (& Keith)

Shawna &Günter

Dave (& Agnes)

Robin & Don

Robin (& Donna)

Stu (& Nicki)

Meeting called to order at 1:35 CST

Serenity prayer

Request for unanimous consent to set meeting length at 25 minutes



Review and approval of minutes from the last business meeting

Motion to approve: Robin & Donna

Second: Dave & Agnes



Treasurer report

Report for June 25 – July 29, 2023

Previous Balance : $ 695.83

Fees: $ – 7.87

7th Tradition: $ 95

Closing Balance: $ 782.96


Website report:

Robin and Donna:  Website is up-to-date.


New Business

  1. Motion – Robin and Donna: $400 Travel Subsidy and Establish a Special Fund for Travel;
    Second – Cara and Keith;
    Approved Unanimously
  2. Motion – Robin and Donna: Elect Delegate Couple for 2023 ABM. Cara and Keith as 1st Alternate, Julia and Jared as 2nd Alternate, Dave and Agnes 3rd Alternate; Second – Don and Robin; Approved Unanimously


Business tabled from last meeting:

Vote on Ballot Proposals
Confirmed that a link to the proposals is on the Announcements page on the RCA Trailblazers website.  Link to Ballot proposal

Will set aside more time voting.


Motion to adjourn the meeting : Don & Robin

Second: Jared & Julia

Meeting Adjourned at 2:15 CST        

Serenity Prayer