Julia & Jared

Shawna &Günter

Dave (& Agnes)

Robin & Don

Rivky (& Yanky)

Robin (& Donna)

David (& Kapiko)

Barton (& Rebecca)


Meeting called to order at 20:35 CET

Serenity prayer

Request for unanimous consent to set meeting length at 30 minutes


Review and approval of minutes from the last business meeting

Motion to approve: Barton

Second: Robin irw Donna

Motion carries


Treasurer report

Report for May 28 – June 24, 2023

Previous Balance : $ 673.74

Fees: $ – 2.91

7th Tradition: $ 25

Closing Balance: $ 695.83


Minutes for the February Treasury report:

The Treasury couple supplied a PDF download from the PayPal account which will serve as official report. The previous minutes will be updated to match this report.

Motion to approve: David

2nd: Robin

Motion carries


Webmaster Report

The Steps have all been updated on the website to match the current edition of the RCA Handbook. Their next task is managing the Meeting Calendar (New Business).


Business tabled from next meeting:

Accounts Task Team (Don, Dave, Günter)

Don requests that the Task volunteer team (to investigate what we can and can’t do with our accounts and bring that information back to the group) look at his proposal and be prepared to discuss how the accounts can be mutually managed.   Link to Don’s proposal

Julia will send an email reminder to the Task Team so they can coordinate their findings.

Motion to approve: Dave

Second: Julia

Motion carries


RCA Meeting list calendar on Website

The calendar on our homepage is not up to date with the RCA-WSO meting list. It is fed by a document that the Webmaster does not have access to.

Motion – Robin: To create a link to the Meeting list page on the WSO website.

Motion to approve: Keith

2nd: Günter

Motion carries


New Business

The RCA Annual Business Meeting will take place in October.

1. We need to request a couple to be delegate for the Trailblazers at the business meeting.

2. The 8 Ballot Proposals will be voted on. The Trailblazers members need to be informed and requested to attend the coming business meeting to discuss the ballots and vote on them. The ballots are located on the RCA-WSO website. Link to final ballot proposals

Motion – David: Prioritize and dedicate the coming 2 business meetings (July & August) to discuss the ballots and vote. Add to the Announcements that we are looking for a delegate couple willing to represent Trailblazers at the Annual Business meeting (to be updated by Webmaster) and to vote the couple in, in the next business meeting.

Motion to approve: Dave

2nd: Robin

Motion carries


David proposes to extend the meeting by 5 minutes to round off.

2nd: Robin



Updating announcements

The Daily Reader committee has collected 365 submissions. The announcement about a future workshop can be deleted.

Webmaster will update the Announcements.


Motion to adjourn the meeting : Julia

Second: Dave

Meeting Adjourned at 21:09 CET        

Serenity Prayer