1. Treasurers report for September 2017:
    Total balance
    Start 1,007.44 USD
    End 1,037.78 USD
    Donations: 33.00 USD
  2. Comments on the new format:
    Easy format- NOT technical
    Good to have focus on video screen instead of script. 
  3. Service positions open:
    Co- secretary couple OPEN
    Co treasurers couple- OPEN
    Welcome couple – OPEN ( Current welcome couple leaves the position end october)
    Web- keeper couple – Chris &Emma
  4. Discuss purchasing a kindle version of RCA blue book for trailblazers. The group divided to og on with this. Treasur couple will buy this. 
  5. Other themes: It was suggested to make next BM a group conscience meeting. With focus on hos the group keeps service positions in function and kept by a large group. 
  6. Topics for next meeting:

    Service positions OPEN could be communicated more directly at all meetings. 

    Sugestion to assign meeting leaders for one month at a time. This to enable meeting leader couple to gain some rutine.