Following addition to the script was decided: Are there any RCA related announcments? This will replace the link to announcements.

The issues regarding the paypall acount was again debated, and more suggestion to a sollution came up:

1. is it posible to link to the swedish paypall acount? Ulla and Rasmus will look into this.

2. is it possible to link directly to the WSO account. Perhaps this will conflict with the group autonomy? Maureen will look into this and contact the WSO structure board

3. Is it possible to link to Debbie and Ruth business account when they get installed ind their new place? D&R will look into this

At the moment there are available service positions open. To get more attention to this this should be announced at the weekly meetings.

For the upcoming ABM is was decided that the group will support a couple willing to attend the meeting in person with 300 USDollars. An other possibility is to attend the meeting on zoom. Members with experience with these meetings recommend that the group attend in person because a lot of things is happening outside of the zoom meeting.

Last item on the agenda was a debate on the use of material from outside directly in the meeting. Some members were concerned that this would confuse new comers at the meetings. Other members made the point that the meeting needs to have inspiration from the outside to strengthen the group.

– it was decided that when new material is brought in this should be with use of of a disclaimer – this should be put into the script. 

Treasury Report RCA-Trailblazers 2018


Financial Statement from  Sun. April 29 2017 to Sat. May 26, 2018

 Recovering Couples Anonymous

PayPal Account :

Amounts in USD

  Beginning Ending
Total balance 1,645.03 1,534.42


  Debit Credit
Donations (+ repayment of order S&G $80)   112.00
Payment fees -6.43  
Online payments – Welcome Packets $140.23 -216.18  


Financial Statement from  Sun. March 25 2017 to Sat. April 28, 2018


Recovering Couples Anonymous


Amounts in USD

  Beginning Ending
Total balance 1,542.64 1,645.03


  Debit Credit
Donations   109.00
Payment fees -6.61  
Online payments 0