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Updated 07/28/19

• All say the Serenity Prayer

• Chair announces the duration of the meeting and asks the time-keeper to give notice when nearing the time limit. 

Safety guidelines are invoked.

• Reports:

          – Secretary’s minutes of the previous meeting

            Needs approval

         – Treasurer’s report

            Needs approval

         – General Service Board Representative’s report 
         – Other reports  (Welcome Couple, Contact List)

• Old Business (anything left unresolved in the previous meeting)

• New Business

• Adjournment

• All say the Serenity Prayer

Typical Business Meetings follow  the Informed Group Conscience Process outlined in RCA blue book pg 80.  Each member will have 1 minute to address the topic at hand, or choose to pass.

  • The person raising an issue gives its background.
  • Speaking in order, everyone has time to comment on the issue or pass.  A few circuits around the group may be necessary to come to a consensus.
  • After a consensus has been reached, a motion may be made.
  • Only one main motion can be considered at a time.
  • Once a motion is made, we take time to make sure the motion is clear.
  • Keep discussion focused on issues and principles, and not on personalities.

After the discussion, if a consensus cannot be achieved.

  1. Non-urgent matters may be postponed for further discussion.
  2. For urgent matters, the motion is put to a vote.

Although we strive for consensus or concordance, the majority rules.

A motion to adjourn the meeting, if seconded, must be voted on immediately, without discussion.