Minutes by Anatoly & Katy




Theo & Bea

Barton & Rebecca

Anatoly & Katy

Dave & Noni


Robin & Don


Tim & Nicki

Nikki & Stu

Gunter & Shawna


Meeting called to order

Serenity prayer

Request for unanimous consent to set meeting length at 30 minutes

Time keeper: Gunter



Review and approval of minutes of February 2021 business meeting

Motion to approve minutes: Anatoly

Second: Katy

Motion carries


Treasurer report

Dave verbally shared treasurer’s report as follows:

Opening balance:                    $1,353.27

7th Tradition:                                  53.00

Fees                                                -3.91

Closing balance:                     $1,402.36

David: motion to approve

Barton second

Motion carries


Unfinished business


Regarding the question of how much money to send to the WSO, Theo reminded the meeting that the group previously had agreed to a prudent reserve and that the Treasurer Couple send excess money to WSO (above $550).  By group conscience, no further action need be taken on the previous motion.


How to deal with participants who have their cameras off

Nikki: motion to proceed with no change to the script at this time

Don: second

Motion carries


Whose phone number to include on orders for literature for newcomers?

There was discussion about whether the Treasurer Couple’s phone number or the Welcome Couple’s phone number should be listed on orders made to the RCA WSO for literature for newcomers.  It was agreed, for now, that the Welcome Couple’s phone number may be listed.


David motion: add 10 min to the meeting length

The motion was seconded

Motion carries


David motion: take an issue out of order – ballot measure for two motions brought to the WSO

Bea second

Motion carries


David motion: New business item to be taken out of order due to urgency.

The motion was seconded

Motion carries


David explained the WSO motions.

Two ballots sent via email.  How we should vote?

First – A motion proposed by RCA Fagersta, Sweden to amend Tradition 11 to allow for the tradition to apply to social and other media, as well as press, radio, TV and films.

Show of hands/group conscience – yes


Second – A motion to increase the maximum amount of reimbursement from $500 to $1000 for documented, allowable travel expenses by RCA WSO board members to attend the annual business meeting

Group conscience by show of hands – yes


As delegate couple to the 2021 RCA International Convention, David and Kapiko will vote on behalf of RCA Trailblazers to approve the two motions.


Table the following three topics:

  1. The phone number on WSO orders
  2. Modifying inconsistent script
  3. Open to polyamorous couples?


Motion to adjourn by Bea

Second Rebecca

Motion carries


Serenity prayer