RCA Trailblazers Emergency Business Meeting Minutes

Meeting Date: 04/05/20 – Sunday

Minutes by:  Gretchen irw Jason


  • Gretchen and Jason
  • Beatrice and Theodor
  • David and Kapiko
  • Cate and Paul
  • Mike and Chantelle
  • Daniel
  • Quin and Lance

Emergency Business

Increased Zoom Security

  • Lance and Quin raised the need to take a group conscience regarding how the group should handle the new Zoom requirement for a password or link to access the meeting
  • Gretchen shared reasons Co-Secretary couples decided to post the Secretary email and send invites to those who request it:  anonymity, deferring to Zoom for expertise in internet security, need to simplify Co-Secretary responsibilities
  • David shared the security settings that have been applied to our current Zoom account:  only host can share screen, host can remove attendees, (no recording capability)
  • Cate shared the option of waiting room
  • Daniel confirmed that email worked well for newcomers
  • Theodore confirmed hosts ability to remove members and not allow them to return
  • Co Secretary couples committed to keep an eye on the Secretary email for access requests, prior to the meeting start, and to manage any disruptions during the meeting
  • Gretchen – motion to keep Secretary email on website.
  • Mike – 2nd motion
  • All in favor
  • Lance reminded group to notify WSO
  • Gretchen agreed to email decision to WSO