Minutes of Business Meeting RCA-Trailblazer

Date: 26-May-2019

Participants: Quin and Lance, Dan & Jodi, Eleanne, Shawna & Günter

Minutes: Günter irw Shawna


  1. Delegate couple reimbursement: discussion, previously voted for amount was 300 USD: unanimous vote to continue 300USD reimbursement (4 couples)
  2. Text for “Characteristics of dysfunctional relationships”: unanimous vote to place them on the Trailblazers website (4 couples). Quin will change the text to fit what is in the RCA book.
  3. Basic format for the business meeting: Quin presents an example / template; put it in the announcement section of our web site and vote for it at next business meeting: all in favor
  4. Time Change – the time for the meeting is based on 19:00 CET. The time change was very confusing this year for the North American members.. We will make announcements in October to prepare people better for the time change then.

Time changes 2019: October 27th

Time changes 2020: March 29th, October 25th


Treasurer’s Report:  (provided after meeting)

Previous Balance: $ 650.93   

Donations: $ 16.00

Payment / Fees: $-1.90   

Current Balance: $665.03   

Prudent reserve = $400.00