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Switch to RCA World Service Zoom account to save $107.00 / mo

Discussion:   need to notify group members ahead of time for move.

Unanimous vote to switch to RCA World Service Zoom account.

    • E-mail new zoom room number to all members
    • Post on website
    • Add to meeting announcements


Treasurer’s Report:

Previous Balance:  $1,602.91

Received $64.00 in donations

Donated $800.00 to world service

Paypal Fees $5.51

Current Balance:  $861.40


Old Business

Paypal Account:

We still need a solution for the Paypal account which is still on another member’s name.  


Our current dilemma is our current PayPal conflicts with another tax exempt PayPal account that Ruth and Debbie opened so they are no longer able to do that service and requested that we find someone else who can provide a Paypal account (or another way for people to make donations).  

  • Ruth offered to use her name and address on the RCA-WSO PayPal account. According to Gretchin this will not be possible because that one will be linked to the person who opened it.  
  • Shawna & Günter contacted RCA-WSO to ask if they would open a Paypal account for Trailblazers under the RCA-WSO Tax number.
    • World Service wanted to make an informed decision, so they will investigate whether having another Paypal account on their number will affect them in any way.
    • They also expressed concern about setting a precedent; the other Zoom meetings might want to also use their Tax ID.  
    • WSO will discuss and take a vote in December to see if they can support us in this way.


  • A tax ID uses an individual person’s name on creation.  Concerns of anonymity for other members.


  • Could there be a private organization setup for RCATrailblazers?   
    • Gretchen and Jason researched.  Found that it would cost a lot to become our own non-profit org. Not feasible.


  • Discussed being able to mail a check internationally to treasury couple.
    • Internationally, no check system.  In US, costs $50 to wire transfer internationally.  Not cost efficient.


New Business:  

World Service Office asked trailblazers to write an article for the hand-in-hand newsletter.  

  • Group to announce about the newsletter at the meeting and secretary to send link to sign up.

Current newsletter and enrolling: