1. Paypall account for trailblazers: 

Chris and Emma proposed that trailblazers applied for a charity tax number. Jason and Gretchen volunteered to go further with this. The problem with anonymity will also be cleared with this solution.

  1. Service positions:

 – at the moment no volunteers for the co-secretary couple position ( Brian and Maureen will continue in the other co-secretary position)

– position as welcome couple is also open

– position as co-treasure couple: Gunter and Shawna wil ask Nooni and Dave for clarification on process of handing the  service position over to them.

  1. ABM in Stockholm: Emma and Chris were planning to go and have volunteered to represent the group at ABM. They declined the financial support.
  2. Script Additions: The suggested additions to the script has been agreed on and Chris and Emma will put it into the script. also the decided disclaimer when non-RCA material is used in the meeting will be added.
  3. Treasure report

Treasury Report RCA-Trailblazers 2018


Financial Statement from  Sun. May 27 2017 to Sat. June 24, 2018


Recovering Couples Anonymous

PayPal Account : treasurer@rcatrailblazers.org

Amounts in USD

  Beginning Ending
Total balance 1,534.42 1,556.82


  Debit Credit
Donations (plus repayment of book order S&G)    
Payment fees -1.50 23.90
Online payments – Welcome Packets    


Following addition to the script was decided: Are there any RCA related announcments? This will replace the link to announcements.

The issues regarding the paypall acount was again debated, and more suggestion to a sollution came up:

1. is it posible to link to the swedish paypall acount? Ulla and Rasmus will look into this.

2. is it possible to link directly to the WSO account. Perhaps this will conflict with the group autonomy? Maureen will look into this and contact the WSO structure board

3. Is it possible to link to Debbie and Ruth business account when they get installed ind their new place? D&R will look into this

At the moment there are available service positions open. To get more attention to this this should be announced at the weekly meetings.

For the upcoming ABM is was decided that the group will support a couple willing to attend the meeting in person with 300 USDollars. An other possibility is to attend the meeting on zoom. Members with experience with these meetings recommend that the group attend in person because a lot of things is happening outside of the zoom meeting.

Last item on the agenda was a debate on the use of material from outside directly in the meeting. Some members were concerned that this would confuse new comers at the meetings. Other members made the point that the meeting needs to have inspiration from the outside to strengthen the group.

– it was decided that when new material is brought in this should be with use of of a disclaimer – this should be put into the script. 

Treasury Report RCA-Trailblazers 2018


Financial Statement from  Sun. April 29 2017 to Sat. May 26, 2018

 Recovering Couples Anonymous

PayPal Account : treasurer@rcatrailblazers.org

Amounts in USD

  Beginning Ending
Total balance 1,645.03 1,534.42


  Debit Credit
Donations (+ repayment of order S&G $80)   112.00
Payment fees -6.43  
Online payments – Welcome Packets $140.23 -216.18  


Financial Statement from  Sun. March 25 2017 to Sat. April 28, 2018


Recovering Couples Anonymous


Amounts in USD

  Beginning Ending
Total balance 1,542.64 1,645.03


  Debit Credit
Donations   109.00
Payment fees -6.61  
Online payments 0  


present were:
Old Business:Dave and Noni presented their findings re: paypal account in Canada. Instead of starting a business account, Noni can set up a paypal “pool” in order to receive money. Only treasurers (Gunter and Shawna) would be authorized to withdraw money from it. We had discussion. Since Ruth and Debbie were eager to get the money out of their account, most present felt that it was worth trying the new system right away. Noni made a motion, Brian seconded and we passed a motion to transfer the paypal funds to a Paypal “pool” account under Noni’s account in Canada. 

1) Chris (irw Emma) introduced the idea of updating the leader scripts to make it clearer for the leader couple each week about exactly what they should say and when. Gretchen said that she would be more inclined to lead the meeting if the instructions for which buttons to push (to share screen etc) were in the script. Maureen suggested a subcommittee to go over the formats and make proposed changes and then send to the group in advance so they can be voted on in the subsequent business meeting. Chris, Dave, Noni and Maureen volunteered to be on that committee and they will meet this month.
2) Shawna told us that she can no longer order newcomer packets because WSO does not ship to Europe. A temporary solution was found to provide people in Europe with NC packets. We passed a motion that Shawna will order 20 newcomer packets to be delivered to Gretchen and Jason.. Gretchen and Jason volunteered to ship the packets to Shawna in Europe and to absorb the cost (up to $80) as their 7th tradition donation. The two couples  exchanged contact info and will do this soon.
  •  Brian and Maureen were voted in and will take the position of co-secretary couple that stared January 2018
  • Dave and Noni are willing to take the position as co-treasurer couple. And they are willing to be contact couple for the trailblazers pay pal account
  • Chris and Emma mentioned that if any member has suggestions for web-side changes they can contact them

Agenda for next business meeting:

          Donation for WSO

          More details on the treasurer report

          Mark with sound when the times up in sharings in the meeting


Treasurer report:

Amounts in USD

  Beginning Ending
Total balance 1,465.74 1,500,28
  Debit Credit
Donations   37.00
Payment fees -2.46  
Online payments 0  

Motion: PayPal account in the US be moved to Canada/Europe to not have issues of ownership for US/IRS. Voted: Unanimous to move ahead with transition. Details to be determined at a future date. Dave & Noni of Canada said they would help.

Secretary Couple Position – Oscar & Annie – out to prayer and sponsor couple to consider position. Debbie & Ruth stepped down as co-secretary couple.

Chris (irw Emma) announced now available to make changes on website.

Addendum: Treasures report was received – not available at meeting:

Amounts in USD

  Beginning Ending
Total balance *1,223.90 1,465.74


  Debit Credit
Donations   265.00
Payment fees -23.16  
Online payments 0  

  1. Treasurers report for June 2017.
  2. New format to be tested? Like screen sharing! Also have script available on website to read or download. Secretary couple can assist leaders before or during meeting to help empower couples for service. They want to be trained!
    1. Action Item: Deb and Ruth will create a fun how-to video!
  3. Service positions: (Had a couple respond will select position!)
    1. Co-Secretary Couple (January)
    2. A US co-treasurer couple. (Open)
    3. Welcome Couple. (Open)
    4. Web-Keeper (Open)
  4. Action items to be done:
    1. Group conscience to create a downloadable pdf file for the Sunday script and email to contact list. Ruth will do
    2. Ruth will simplify website for position


For next month:

  1. Discuss purchasing a kindle version of RCA blue book for trailblazers.
Trailblazers and RCA Announcements
  • The meeting on the 10. december will start with a Business meeting. Read the minutes from last business meeting regarding proposal to move administration of RCA trailblazers.
  • The Trailblazers meeting needs your help. We have the following service positions open:
    1. Co-Secretary Couple (January)
    2. A US co-treasurer couple. (Open)

Please consider service to benefit your coupleship. The descriptions are on the website. Contact secretary@rcatrailblazers.org to volunteer.

  • There are more RCA zoom meetings available at www.ccc-hub.org including a beginners meeting.