Minutes by:  Shawna irw Günter


Felicita and Richard

Shawna and Günter


Lance and Quin


Paul and Cate

August 2019 minutes:  reviewed and approved with one amendment (re-add to the Business the motion to move the meeting time 30minutes forward).

Treasurer’s Report: 

Previous Balance: $   762.25

Donations: $ 95.00

Payment / Fees: -$ 5.98

Current Balance: $   851.27

Prudent reserve = $400.00

The treasurer’s report was submitted post meeting so has not yet been approved.

Old Business:

  • Invite newcomers to stay after the meeting to chat with Welcome Couple or ask questions (Quin irw Lance) – Motion seconded by Kapiko. All in favour. This will be added to the Newcomer script.
  • Create Greeter Couple role who agrees to meet w/ newcomer couples after the meeting in event Welcome Couple is not on meeting.  This role can be asked for at start of each meeting.  (Quin irw Lance) – All in favour. This will be added to the script.
  • Encourage newcomers to attend the 4thSunday meeting which is a Newcomer/ Anniversary meeting.  (Quin irw Lance) Motion not seconded. Aborted.
  • Contact list couple position needs to be filled. – Shawna and Günter will hand the position over to Paul and Cate. All approved.

New Business (To discuss)

  • Discuss having children in the meeting, even with headphones. (Tom and Sue). 
  • Tabled – Move meeting forward 30 minutes. – for a true group conscience we decided to add this to the group announcements and vote on it in the October business meeting. All agreed.

Motion to adjourn:

By: Quin icw Lance. All in favour.

(From the RCA Trailblazers Delegate Couple, David and Kapiko)

The 2019 RCA annual convention, with the theme “Recovering Romance in the City of Roses,” took place in Portland, Oregon, from August 2 through August 4, 2019. We were in attendance from the opening through the closing of the convention.

This year’s convention was the largest in RCA’s history, with 130 couples in attendance. There were many familiar faces from prior conventions. Close to one-third of the couples were attending their first annual convention, and some of the couples were relative newcomers, having been in RCA for less than two months. The level of energy, excitement and recovery was extraordinary. Couples came from all over the United States (25 states represented) and other countries around the world, including Canada (British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario and Quebec), the United Kingdom, Denmark, Sweden and South Africa.

We are extremely grateful to all the members of RCA Oregon who participated in hosting this very successful convention.

Annual Business Meeting

On Friday, August 2, we attended the annual business meeting, chaired by Dick M. irw Vicki.

There are 138 meetings registered with RCA (although it has not been possible to verify whether all of these meetings still are in existence). All delegates, in person or by proxy, were registered and their credentials approved, for a total of 26 delegates. A quorum consists of 10 percent of the registered meetings (i.e., 14 delegates for this convention), and an annual business meeting can go forward only if a quorum is present. Because at least 14 delegates were present, a quorum was certified.

David H. irw Kathleen was re-appointed to serve as parliamentarian.

The officers and committee chairs submitted written reports, all of which are contained in the attached annual report. The officers also summarized their reports at the meeting. Here are some of the highlights.


Dick and Vicki have served on the Board of Trustees of the RCA WSO (Board) for the past three years and are rotating out of their service. Dick encouraged members to volunteer for service on the Board or committees. The only requirements for Board membership are at least three years of regular attendance at RCA meetings and completion of the Fifth Step. An application to serve on the Board is now found on the RCA website.

Dick reported on RCA’s independent contractors, including Ann Garrison (financial services), Betsy Dintaman (merchandise), Bob Petitti (communication) and Thetford Web Development (web contractor)

Vice Chair

Vicki R. irw Mark is the vice chair. She introduced the committee chairs, who gave their reports.


The treasurer is Chris R. irw Francesca. Chris supplied financial statements prepared by Ann Garrison (appended to the annual report). Note that pages 1-4 and 6-8 are for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2019; due to a miscommunication with Ann, pages 5, 9 and 10 are only for the month of June 2019.

Gross income for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2019 (FY 2019), totaled $64,720, but this had to be adjusted to take out convention income of $21,020, leaving gross income of $43,700 for FY 2019. Income for FY 2019 included contributions of $16,523, literature sales of $19,261 and operating income such as royalties, which totaled $7,915.

Expenses for FY 2019 totaled $21,575, consisting of contractor expenses ($11,733), other operating expenses ($6,494) and expenses of the annual business meeting ($3,349).

After adjusting for convention income from FY 2017 and FY 2018, which should not have been included with FY 2019 income, and after deducting costs of goods sold and expenses, net income for FY 2019 totaled $15,267. This represented an increase of $2,402 over FY 2018.

Total cash at the beginning of FY 2019 was $61,415. Total cash at the end of FY 2019 was $98,059. John R. irw Jean pointed out that the amount of cash on hand, including the prudent reserve, is becoming excessive, and the Board will look into appropriate expenditures of excess cash, such as expanding the fellowship. But the Board will check the budget before committing to any new expenditures.

A delegate suggested that the RCA “budget” should be called a “spending plan” because the delegate believed that “budget” connoted deprivation. No action was taken on the suggestions.

Additional information can be found in the financial statements.

Hand in Hand Committee

The publisher of the quarterly RCA newsletter, Hand in Hand, has stepped down, and as a result, publication has been suspended. The Board is seeking another person who is willing to take on the service commitment of publishing Hand in Hand.

Literature Committee

Vicki R. irw Mark is the chair of the Literature Committee. She reported that the Literature Committee continues to reach out to members to provide submissions to the RCA Daily Reader. At the time of her report, the committee had received 140 submissions. A total of 366 submissions is necessary to complete the book. Vicki reported that, since 130 couples were registered at the convention, if each member contributed just one submission, RCA would have enough submissions to edit and publish the book before the end of 2019. There will be a breakout session at the convention in which members can write submissions. (Since the convention, the committee now has a total of 171 submissions.)

Merchandise Committee

Dan O’C. irw Kate is the chair of the Merchandise Committee. He submitted a detailed report, including tables, in the RCA annual report. Dan reported the current issues regarding sales tax. States are becoming more aggressive in asserting the right to collect sales tax on online sales. Currently, RCA pays sales tax to California and Virginia, as RCA is considered to have a physical presence in those states. The committee is investigating issues regarding taxation of sales through Amazon. The Board has hired a CPA, with a budget not to exceed $1,000, to investigate sales tax requirements for other states.

There was discussion as to why RCA sells its literature through both Amazon and its own website. The question was raised why RCA does not sell its literature only through its own website, so that RCA would not have to share its revenue with Amazon.

Many delegates addressed this subject and pointed out the benefits of making RCA literature available through Amazon, which exposes it to searches by persons who might never have known of RCA otherwise. The Trailblazers delegate couple pointed out that, as welcome couple, they had communications with newcomers from Europe, who, by ordering on Amazon, had been able to obtain RCA literature in a matter of days.

Outreach Committee

Gopal K. irw Wendy is the chair of the Outreach Committee. Outreach includes many things, such as taking on a service commitment as a welcome couple, greeting people at a local RCA meeting or convention and hosting a couple visiting the United States for the first time, etc.

The Committee is responsible for communication with the Group Contact Couples (GCCs). One of the issues is that some of the GCCs are no longer reachable through their contact information. The Committee is working on updating the list of GCCs.

The delegate from San Francisco, California, suggested that the Board take active steps to increase the fellowship. It was pointed out that RCA already has a separate Growing-the-Fellowship Committee but that the Committee has become inactive due to lack of membership. The delegate was invited to serve on that Committee and to revitalize it, and she graciously accepted.

The delegate from Oakland, California, drew attention to the low level of diversity in RCA and emphasized the need for RCA to take steps to increase the diversity of the fellowship in its outreach efforts.

It was pointed out that Spanish-speaking couples have contacted RCA seeking Spanish-speaking meetings, but that there are no such meetings at this time. Efforts will be made to seek out Spanish-speaking couples who currently are RCA members to see if they would be willing to start a meeting that will be conducted in Spanish.

Recruitment Committee

John R. irw Jean is the chair of the Recruitment Committee. The focus of the Recruitment Committee is recruiting members to serve on the Board of Trustees and on the committees that serve the Board. An update regarding the status of the committees and the efforts of the Recruitment Committee can be found in the annual report.

Structure Committee

David H. irw Kathleen is the chair of the Structure Committee. The purview of the Structure Committee includes rules, resolutions and credentials. Motions must be submitted to the Committee for ranking and submission to the RCA fellowship’s groups for voting in advance of the annual business meeting. Because no proposals were submitted this year, the task of the Committee was quite light.

There was a discussion regarding what can and cannot be proposed and acted upon at an annual business meeting which, under RCA’s bylaws, is quite limited.

Technology and Website Committee

Mark R. irw Vicki is the chair of the Technology and Website Committee. A detailed report of the activities of the Committee is found in the annual report.

Ad Hoc Committee on Trademarks and Copyrights

Dan O’C. irw Kate is the chair of this ad hoc committee. Applications were made to the US Patent and Trademark Office to obtain trademark protection for “Recovering Couples Anonymous,” “RCA” and the RCA logo, as well as to look into the possibility of copyright protection for the logo. Registration of “Recovering Couples Anonymous” and the RCA logo has been granted. Trademark registration for “RCA” is pending.

The Committee also will begin the process of applying for registration of the RCA trademarks on the RCA website. (Registration for the website is separate from registration for RCA literature.)

Translation Committee

Annette K. irw Widar is the chair of the Translation Committee. The translation of the 4th edition of the RCA blue book into Swedish and German has been completed, and books are being sold. A draft of the Danish translation has been prepared but the project has not been completed due a lack of new members on the Danish literature translation committee.

The Spanish translation of the 4th edition and other literature has been completed but the literature has not been selling well, and outreach to the Spanish-speaking community is needed.

Annual Convention

The convention formally opened on Friday evening with dinner, followed by the opening address by David and Kapiko, of California. Afterward, many couples participated in Irish dancing.

A wide selection of Saturday breakout sessions was available. The sessions were well attended. A list of the sessions is attached. Also, some members took advantage of a guided walking tour through downtown Portland.

Following dinner, Andy and Steve, of Hawaii, gave the keynote address. (Audio recordings of the addresses of both speaker couples are available on the RCA website:

Afterward, there was dancing to the live music provided by the band, the Low Bottoms, one of whom is a member of RCA in Portland and all of whom are in recovery. The band was outstanding.

The convention closed on Sunday morning with gratitude circles at each of the tables. One member at each table wrote up a summary of the comments of gratitude from the members at that table, and then, table by table, the summaries were shared with the entire fellowship.

Election of Board Members

The election of members of the RCA Board took place on Sunday morning. A quorum, consisting of 24 delegates in person and four proxies, was certified.

There were three vacant seats on the RCA Board. The names of four couples were

placed in nomination:

Tami R. irw John R., of Huntington Beach, California (El Segundo home group)

Michael W. irw Suzanne V.H., of Oakland, California (Oakland home group)

Art F. irw Sharon H., of Marina del Rey, California (El Segundo home group)

Angie B. irw Greg B., of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada (Vancouver home group)

Tami R. irw John R., Michael W irw Suzanne V.H. and Angie B. irw Greg B. were elected to the Board, and Art F. irw Sharon H. were elected as alternate members of the Board.

Invitation to the 2020 RCA annual convention in Reston, Virginia (just outside Washington, D.C.)

The 2020 RCA annual convention will be held in Reston, Virginia. The convention site is very close to Dulles International Airport, which serves Washington, D.C. There is a great deal of excitement regarding the next convention, which will be hosted by couples from RCA groups in Virginia, Maryland and North Carolina. The theme of the convention is “2020: A Vision for You – Love and Understanding Beyond Our Wildest Dreams.”

The convention will take place at the Sheraton Hotel in Reston, and RCA has negotiated a special rate of $99 per night for the convention, which includes a hot breakfast. Some couples may wish to arrive before or to stay after the convention, in order to visit Washington, D.C., and the surrounding areas. The hotel will make the special rate of $99 per night available for up to five couples on Wednesday night, 20 couples on Thursday and Sunday night, and 10 couples on Monday night.

The cost of the convention, which includes lunch and dinner on Saturday, is an affordable $220 per couple for those couples registering before 2/20/2020. Afterward, the cost will be $250 per couple. Many couples already have signed up to attend.

Watch the RCA website for additional information and registration applications.

Conventions for 2021 through 2023

The 2021 RCA annual convention is scheduled to take place in Tucson, Arizona. The convention committee is gauging support for various venues, as well as the possibility of holding the convention in a month other than August, given the high heat and humidity in Tucson at that time of year.

The 2022 convention is scheduled to take place in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Preliminary discussions are taking place with RCA Germany regarding the possibility of holding the 2023 convention in Germany.

Meeting Date: 07/28/2019 – Sunday

Minutes by:  Günter


Quin & Lance

Yemi & Stefan

Shawna & Günter

Ruth & Leo

Julia & Stefan



June 2019 minutes:  reviewed and approved.

Treasurer’s Report: 

Previous Balance: $  618.18

Donations: $  328.00

Payment / Fees: -$ 15.19 

                $160.88 for webhosting costs.

Current Balance: $ 930.99

Prudent reserve = $400.00

On the day of the meeting, Y&S transferred $ 230. to RCA-WSO (keeping prudent reserve of $400 plus $300 for the Delegat couple)

Treasurer’s report approved.


Old Business:

Price of website is very high ($150/ year)- Is this necessary?  (Stefan irw Yemi)

Moved ahead due to urgency.  The cost of the website (150$ per year) seems too high. We agreed to contact Chris and ask him to research the pricing, Quin offered to contact him.

Post meeting:
Chris replied “Our deal I believe is not a bad deal given that it is for web hosting and email… I’m reluctant to do a migration if it doesn’t make massive difference financially and expends a lot of time. The other option is to end the website and go through world services website.”
He asks: Stefan and Yemi if you can get a much better deal with email with blue then maybe that’s something that you can take on?…


Business Meeting Script

Group voted to adopt the format for the group conscience proceedings from the RCA Blue Book page 80 (as opposed to using Robert`s Rules). A limit of 1 minute in the go around was proposed. We will work with this format for a considerable time to see if everyone is happy with it.                  Vote:  5 Yes, 3 No


New Business: (To discuss)

·         Web Master service position: it may be time to hand over the webmaster reins?….Chris & Emma

·         Provide 1 min warning when shares are almost over.  (Spence irw Sally, Quin irw Lance)

·         Set last 15 minutes of meeting to invite newcomers to share or for others with a burning desire. (Lyralen irw Jude)

·         Add the reflections as an optional reading on week 4 script when we read functional / dysfunctional couples.  (Gretchen irw Jason)

·         Read newcomer welcome as well as post in chat window (Quin irw Lance)

·         Invite newcomers to stay after the meeting to chat with Welcome Couple or ask questions (Quin irw Lance)

·         Create Greeter Couple role who agrees to meet w/ newcomer couples after the meeting in event Welcome Couple is not on meeting.  This role can be asked for at start of each meeting.  [Used in UA/OA/SAA Virtual meeting formats] (Quin irw Lance)

·         Encourage newcomers to attend the 4th Sunday meeting which is a Newcomer/ Anniversary meeting.  (Quin irw Lance)

Motion to adjourn:  Quin & Lance proposed to adjourn at 21:02. All in favour.

Meeting Date: 04/28/2019 – Sunday

Minutes by:  Quin icw Lance



Gunter and Shawna


Gretchen and Jason

Yemi and Stefen



Lance and Quin


Treasurer’s Report:

Previous Balance: $ 641.34

Donations: $ 28.00

Payment / Fees: -$ 18.41

                $15.00 of payments went to yearly website costs.

Current Balance: $ 650.93

Treasurer’s report approved.


Old Business:


  • RESOLVED – Ruth and Debbie are maintaining ownership of the Trailblazers’ PayPal account. The information has been updated to match WSO as it has been since initiation of the group.  Ruth and Debbie will address with WSO if there are any concerns.
  • RESOLVED – The treasurer couple was having trouble transferring funds for reimbursement and donations. They have since been able to successfully transfer funds.
    • Ruth and Debbie conferenced with Quin to confirm the ID on the PayPal account, which resolved the issue.


Delegate couple

  • In the past, we have supplied funds towards the travel costs of our delegate couples. We will discuss the possibility of making funds available for our current delegate couple, David and Kapiko. 
  • The topic of having a set agreement was brought up. We will ask the delegate couple to look at their travel costs, so that we can plan accordingly.  We will look at past donations and get more information to bring to our next business meeting.
  • Feb 2017, we supplied $300.00 in travel costs.


Script Change:

  • It was proposed that the leader script be changed to include examples of triggers to member’s sobriety within the section that cautions what appears on our screens.
    • Mandy icw Dwayne was not present at the business meeting to present issue.



  • It was felt that our focus is on couple’s recovery. It would divert us from our primary purpose to mention addictions that would be best addressed in other programs.
  • The experience of having to balance eating and the meeting was brought up. We are world-wide and it is important to respect self-care.
  • A member shared his personal experience of being distracted if there is too much activity on a screen, making it hard to listen to couples sharing. Having extra rules forms as a distraction.  It is better to have respect for each other and avoid too much action.
  • The script offers an opportunity to say you don’t feel safe and that you can write word safety in the meeting chat.
  • A member presented experience with chronic pain or illness, and they may need to lie down or eat during the meeting. SAA literature shows that many of us have felt burdened by the belief that we are responsible for the sexual feelings and behaviors of others. In program, we learn to be accountable for our own feelings and behaviors, and to let go of unhealthy responsibility for others.  It was suggested that if triggered, one can leave the room, put the screen focused on the couple sharing, or talk with a sponsor or another member outside of the meeting.
  • We are dealing with couples all over the world from different time zones. We’ve been respectful of not drinking or wearing inappropriate outfits.  It’s a personal relationship being formed in RCA.


A Motion was made by Jorge icw Rosanna to not change the script. It was seconded by Gretchen icw Jason.


Group voted unanimously to not change the script.


New Business:

Add functional / dysfunctional text to website

Create a business meeting script and post it on website.

Minutes by:  Lance icw Quin


  • Lance & Quin
  • David & Kapiko
  • Stefan
  • Dave & Noni
  • Dwayne & Mandy
  • Gretchen & Jason


Treasurer’s Report:  

Previous Balance: $581.79
Donations: $63
PayPal Fees: -$3.45
Current Balance: $641.34

  • Treasurer’s Report was adopted unanimously.


Old Business:

February Meeting Minutes

    • The February Meeting Minutes were adopted unanimously.


    • The treasurer couple is still having trouble transferring funds for reimbursement and donations.
      • Paypal is asking to confirm the ID on the account.
    • Quin will reach out to Ruth & Debbie for their advice on the situation.


New Business:

Delegate Couple:

    • The Outreach Committee reached out to the group to select a Delegate Couple for the Annual Business Meeting at the Annual Convention.
    • David & Kapiko volunteered to be the group’s Delegate Couple.
    • It was voted unanimously to appoint David & Kapiko as the group’s Delegate Couple.



  • It was proposed that the group invest in a virtual address for the Paypal account, to lower the audit risk to the account.
  • The topic was tabled so that pricing information could be acquired for an informed decision.


Script Change:

  • It was proposed that the leader script be changed to include examples of triggers to member’s sobriety within the section that cautions what appears on our screens.
  • The topic was tabled for time and so that the proposer could write out the proposed script change.

Business Meeting: 02.24.19

Minutes by:  Lance icw Quin


Shawna & Gunter
Lance & Quin
Kapiko & David
Yemi & Stefan


Treasurer’s Report:  

Previous Balance: $523.06
Donations: $63.00  
PayPal Fees: -$4.27
Current Balance: $589.79

*Note the Treasurer Couple want to transfer $189.79 to WSO, but were experiencing difficulty with the Paypalsystem. They will try again after the meeting.


Old Business:


o It was voted unanimously that Quin would be putting her name on the PayPal account for the time being.
Quin to contact Ruth and Debbie to get full information to transfer/ set up PayPal account in her name.
o There is an issue that we have discovered that the tax id on the PayPal account has been WSO’s since Trailblazers was founded.  They’ve recently denied us being able to use their tax id prior to this discovery. We will need to discuss this with the WSO.
o The idea was floated that we consider discontinuing using PayPal.


Script Change

o Shawna presented a proposed script change to make it easier to read the leader’s script, this focused in the area of the weekly topics.
o It was voted unanimously to approve Shawna’s proposed script changes, which will be applied to the leader’s script.

New Business:


o The Hand-in-Hand newsletter is in need of a new publisher.
o It was agreed to announce at the announcements portion of the Sunday meeting.
o It was voted to add the information to the Trailblazer’s website.


International Speaker Meeting:

o There is a new monthly speaker meeting the first Saturday of the month.
o It was agreed that it will be announced at the announcements portion of the Sunday meeting and via email to all Trailblazer members.


Yemi irw Stefan

Quin irw Lance

Erik irw Marija

Kapiko irw David



Welcome Couple – David and Kapiko

                Will get with Shawna and Gunter for the newcomer welcome letter.

Treasurer’s Report:

                Previous Balance:  $861.40

                Received $124.00 in donations

                Paypal Fees $7.48

                Newcomer Packet qty 1: $10.66

Current Balance:  $967.26


Old Business

Paypal Account:

As of 12/30/18 – no volunteers to take over paypal.  

We still need a solution for the Paypal account which is still on another member’s name.

Still pending response from WSO regarding using their EIN for an account.


Motion to  pay towards Ruth & Debbies additional tax fees. 

Passed:  8 yes
Need to ask Ruth and Debbie about tax liability.

Motion to donate any amount over $500.00 to WSO ($467.26) until financial transition is resolved.

                Passed:  5 yes, 2 abstain, 1 no.

To help members be willing to own the paypal account, voted to get info on costs / taxes from Ruth and Debbie.  Would like to get something written up as a description to provide to whomever takes over the paypal account if WSO replies with a no.

Group to continue to announce paypal account opening during meeting announcements.  Officers will ensure this is offered during the meetings.


Zoom Account:

Effective January 6, 2019, we will switch to RCA WSO’s Zoom account number:  965 190 161.

Quin submitted request to cancel Trailblazers paid zoom account on 12/30/18. 

The old paid zoom account is paid through Feb 2019 and will remain effective through this time.

Shawna and Gunter will log into the old Zoom ID to tell any stragglers to find the meeting at the new zoom ID.


Yemi irw Stefan

Quin irw Lance



Gretchen irw Jason



Switch to RCA World Service Zoom account to save $107.00 / mo

Discussion:   need to notify group members ahead of time for move.

Unanimous vote to switch to RCA World Service Zoom account.

    • E-mail new zoom room number to all members
    • Post on website
    • Add to meeting announcements


Treasurer’s Report:

Previous Balance:  $1,602.91

Received $64.00 in donations

Donated $800.00 to world service

Paypal Fees $5.51

Current Balance:  $861.40


Old Business

Paypal Account:

We still need a solution for the Paypal account which is still on another member’s name.  


Our current dilemma is our current PayPal conflicts with another tax exempt PayPal account that Ruth and Debbie opened so they are no longer able to do that service and requested that we find someone else who can provide a Paypal account (or another way for people to make donations).  

  • Ruth offered to use her name and address on the RCA-WSO PayPal account. According to Gretchin this will not be possible because that one will be linked to the person who opened it.  
  • Shawna & Günter contacted RCA-WSO to ask if they would open a Paypal account for Trailblazers under the RCA-WSO Tax number.
    • World Service wanted to make an informed decision, so they will investigate whether having another Paypal account on their number will affect them in any way.
    • They also expressed concern about setting a precedent; the other Zoom meetings might want to also use their Tax ID.  
    • WSO will discuss and take a vote in December to see if they can support us in this way.


  • A tax ID uses an individual person’s name on creation.  Concerns of anonymity for other members.


  • Could there be a private organization setup for RCATrailblazers?   
    • Gretchen and Jason researched.  Found that it would cost a lot to become our own non-profit org. Not feasible.


  • Discussed being able to mail a check internationally to treasury couple.
    • Internationally, no check system.  In US, costs $50 to wire transfer internationally.  Not cost efficient.


New Business:  

World Service Office asked trailblazers to write an article for the hand-in-hand newsletter.  

  • Group to announce about the newsletter at the meeting and secretary to send link to sign up.

Current newsletter and enrolling:  http://recovering-couples.org/tools/materialsforcouples/

Archives:  http://recovering-couples.org/webdocs/hin/



Shawna irw Gunter

Dave irw Noni

Yemi irw Stefan

Quin irw Lance



Roles available – Treasurer and Co-Secretary


Voted in:

  • Treasurer – Yemi and Stefan
  • Shawna and Gunter – Co-Secretary
  • Lance and Quin – Co-Secretary


Treasurer’s Report:

We have $1,602.91 7th tradition on the Paypal account.

Current annual expenses:

  • Zoom $107.00.
  • Website:  $155.00

Prudent Reserve:

Group voted to have prudent reserve of $400

Voted to donate $800 to RCA for now.  Will discuss further donation once transition complete to bring us to our prudent reserve.


Discussed newcomer packets currently on hand are 15.

Costs $12.00 to send a welcome kit from Europe to US


Paypal Account:

We still need a solution for the Paypal account which is still on another member’s name.  Shawna & Günter will contact RCA Inc. and ask their advice. Perhaps they can open an RCA World Service Paypal account for Trailblazers under their organization.


Other groups are under the umbrella of RCA World Service and don’t take a 7th tradition.  Concerns about being self-supporting through our own contributions were discussed.

We need to get info from Maureen and Brian on footwork from having RCA do the hosting .


Could there be a private organization setup for RCATrailblazers?  Would have to get more information.

Can RCA Trailblazers be listed as an independent business?  Need more info


Transfer of Secretary Position

Shawna & Günter will contact Maureen and Brian/Rasmus & Ulla for the login data and all other data that the four of us require as Secretary couples.

Secretary couples need to obtain passwords:

Zoom  – Ulla and Rasmus

e-mail / website – Chris and Emma

  1. Paypall account for trailblazers: 

Chris and Emma proposed that trailblazers applied for a charity tax number. Jason and Gretchen volunteered to go further with this. The problem with anonymity will also be cleared with this solution.

  1. Service positions:

 – at the moment no volunteers for the co-secretary couple position ( Brian and Maureen will continue in the other co-secretary position)

– position as welcome couple is also open

– position as co-treasure couple: Gunter and Shawna wil ask Nooni and Dave for clarification on process of handing the  service position over to them.

  1. ABM in Stockholm: Emma and Chris were planning to go and have volunteered to represent the group at ABM. They declined the financial support.
  2. Script Additions: The suggested additions to the script has been agreed on and Chris and Emma will put it into the script. also the decided disclaimer when non-RCA material is used in the meeting will be added.
  3. Treasure report

Treasury Report RCA-Trailblazers 2018


Financial Statement from  Sun. May 27 2017 to Sat. June 24, 2018


Recovering Couples Anonymous

PayPal Account : treasurer@rcatrailblazers.org

Amounts in USD

  Beginning Ending
Total balance 1,534.42 1,556.82


  Debit Credit
Donations (plus repayment of book order S&G)    
Payment fees -1.50 23.90
Online payments – Welcome Packets